Birthday Surprise! Lots of it!!

BH and I celebrated our birthdays on 23 and 26 March respectively. You know how most people include their birthdays on facebook? I decided to remove it.. I am not sure if it’s a windowsphone thing BUT I had been receiving alerts of birthdays on my phone ( my phone’s calendar is somehow synced with the dates on facebook!) It just felt weird to know that my birthday will pop up on ‘Hi-bye’ friends’ calender – so I removed it. I was really glad that a handful of friends remembered w/o facebook reminding them. haha.. it felt good to be remembered for 1 day. I feel special and that’s priceless!

Anyway, the only thing I really like about birthdays is the CAKE!! I cannot tell you how much I enjoy a good cake! Alina told me about Regent Bakery recently and I told BH to get me my birthday cake from there 😀 He did!!

He came home early and we ate the cake first. The strawberry cake was sooooo nice…it’s so soft.. and the cream was really light! I mean… we finished almost 1/2 a 8-inch cake before dinner!! (If u think that I put on weight, it’s the cake and all the good food!!!)

More pics of us!

1 thing to note about bakeries in US is they don’t provide candles for bday cakes :/ Those in SG, don’t take the candles for granted!

After which, we headed to I love Sushi by Lake Bellevue for dinner. Authentic Jap food by a small lake surrounded by town houses. The view was pretty. I thought the food was quite ex BUT that’s the only place I know in WA that had Lychee Martini!!! Yumm!!

We had a filling dinner! haha.. and I seriously enjoyed my cake!!! Nothing special happened on my bday.. I was just delighted that BH and I spent it together – That’s the best gift!


As BH’s birthday falls on a Monday, I treated BH to dinner at Bai Tong Thai on Sunday. We really like the food there! Affordable and delicious! The greeters were all v pretty!

Anyhow, we reached there at 5.15pm and it was still Happy Hour (ends at 6pm) We ordered a whole lot of food + I ordered their special alcohol for the day ( some vodka w longan), super nice! Good alternative for Lychee martini. Bh ordered Thai Milk tea

Look at the pic above – Don’t BH look like a mosquito drinking muddy water? haha

Here’s dinner!

Since it’s BH’s bday, I didn’t interfere when he ordered the food. I almost fainted when he ordered the omelet. I mean.. it’s such a small omelet and it cost almost $9!!! erm.. It taste ordinary.. i didn’t taste anything special. I am just hoping that they used organic eggs man! Besides that, he also ordered Bai Tong Special rice. To me, it taste too ‘Thai’ , so ‘Thai’ that it has a weird plastic taste (not to our liking) Pls don’t get me wrong, I really like Bai Tong BUT BH just ordered weird things :/ oh well… birthday boy/girls are always right. hahaha

AND… as though we haven’t had enough of Regent’s cake.. I bought a Bday cake for BH too! hehe…

The next morning…

This time, it’s a Black Forest cake. It’s supposed to be their specialty BUT I like the strawberry cake better. hehe

okok… if u think our bday celebration ended here… u r so wrong!!! hahaha… at 8.30pm there a knock on our door.. I mean.. before that BH and I had a ‘loud discussion’ about DBS ibanking. I thought the knock was from our neighbours complaining about the noise level…. BUT…….

OUR FRIENDS CAME OVER WITH A CAKE!!!!! OMG!!!! (Justin, Alina, Dave and Jo) we were shocker than shocked! hahaha.. it was a HUGE surprise!!! Our aptment is secured, means there’s no way they can get in of they don’t have a fob! It turns out that they used the callbox to ask our neighbour for help to open the door!!! hahaha

No pictures! Silly us! we forgot to take picture! the priceless video is with Alina though! Very happy and very surprised… and there we have the 3rd cake from Regent bakery! It’s a Mocha cake this time!! hahahaha… ok.. this is the birthday that we have 3 8 inch cakes from the same bakery! hahaha.. btw…we finished it in no time… So did we have cake overload??? NO!!!! I was still thinking of asking BH to get a cake from Regent for our 10 year anniversary!!! hahaha…

Okok…. so…. did the surprise just end there???? NO!!! Our friends have ALOT of ideas up their sleeves!!! SERIOUSLY!!!

On wed, I met Jo and Alina for lunch ( Sam was suppose to come along but she’s not feeling well.. hope she’s better now) … and they surprised me with a gift!!! 😀 Rem how I was saying I need a real Madeline pan??!! They bought 1 for me!! I was elated!!!Jo also got me a flour spoon !! so happy!! I mean.. I wasn’t expecting anything… and I didn’t even want them to know that it’s my birthday!!! 😀 Thank you so v much!! U gals made me soooooo happy!!!

Of course, last but not least…Caryn and Zhihui sent me a grill via amazon way before my birthday(end of Jan)!! At first, I thought it was delivered to the wrong address ( since we didn’t buy anything ) It was a huge surprise that it’s from them!!! How thoughtful!!!

My friends are so into surprises!!! 😀 Thank you Thank you X1000000000!! *touched*

Oh.. the pretty daffodils are fresh from Alina’s garden! They smell so good… every morning we wake up to the nice scent of flowers.. and Alina came to our minds. hahaha so sweet~~~

See the pillow at the bottom left? haha.. That’s my gift to BH.. heh.. Personalized it on Inkgarden and it turned out very well… Why Pingu?? hahaha.. that’s our private joke 🙂

Such a long entry today! Hope to blog soon before our BIG trip in… 10 days time! *gasps*

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