I burn, I pine, I perish

If I achieve not this… Petite Shopping Tote (PST) OR Petite Timeless Tote (PTT)

hahaha.. it’s a new year and I got new target already!!! 😀

On the second day of the new year, BH and I made a trip downtown.. just for fun… well, I had to walked into Chanel and I saw the PST in RED!!! OMG!! It’s so hard to find RED chanel bag ( the BRIGHT red!!) It was love at first sight. The PST is not too big and it’s just right for me – The size is perfect!! I don’t like big bags anyway. It fits the kindle, my vapur waterbottle, wallet and handphone. Nice! I think i can still fit a magazine!

The thing that I didn’t like is.. it doesn’t have the little feet at the bottom of the bag to protect the base of the leather :/ It has a snap closure. Then again, the price of this PST is probably the most reasonable ( considering the cost of the other bags) among the rest of the bags.

Seriously, I NEED TO GET THIS! PST price in the US now – $2000 ~~~

I came home and saw the PTT online ( didn’t see it in the store) – It has all I want! Feet at the bottom and zippered closure. I can probably put everything except the magazine. hahaha… PTT price in the US now – $2250 ~~~

*gasps* I WANT!!!! Now, I am just hoping that when we get to Europe – the bag is sitting on the shelves ( or at the back of the store) waiting for me… wah…. the smell of caviar… the touch of the exquisiteness of the bag.. is such a turn on!!

As for the colours… 1st choice: LIPSTICK RED OR GREY ( very rare 🙁 ), 2nd choice: Black with GHW, 3rd choice: Black with SHW

At first, I told BH that we are just going sightseeing in Europe and we can skip France or rather Paris altogether… but looks like… we can’t.. hehe… I am so excited!!!!

[Edit] Then again, if I go to Paris and didn’t get a classic flap.. isn’t it such a pity??!!! how now blue cow?

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