#15a Furnitures, electronics and misc

*warning.. nothing fancy, just very basic and CHEAP items*

I seriously stopped counting our budget. I think that will mk me a happier shopper :X

Anyhow, we bought a sofabed from beds.sg If you are looking for budget furniture, do give this website a try! wah.. I am really glad that we took the leap of faith and purchased the Lazzaro Black Sofa Bed Delivery was puntual , in fact, they came earlier than expected. Product looks the same from the website ( they have no showroom) HOWEVER, the legs of the sofa r not straight :X It won’t collapse and it’s not obvious BUT it’s not something which is durable. BH and I totally do not mind, so we just bought it ( confirm cheaper than outside!)

Our special guest….

She helped herself up…

My fridge .. Bought a medium one from Goh Ah Bee. I wanted to get a even smaller one BUT i was stopped by my mum and my sis ( and i figured out that BH will kill me) Oh well, see the gap? I know… there will be that gap BUT due to budget and practically, I still bought the medium one – Hope to find nice deco to put on top of the fridge to block the gap

Storage stools were purchased at warehouse sale. My dad kindly drove me to this warehose all the way at Toh Tuck to get these stools… ok.. I still bought 1 other shelf which had missing handles, because it was cheap :X Thought I could find the handles at Ikea BUT it was OOS!!! Need to think of another way to DIY

Need to take a picture of my dining table and bed

Washing machine will be coming tml evening – got a basic top-load one ( I WILL NEVER GET FRONT LOAD WASHERS – will tell more in another post) from Gain City and it comes with FREE vaccum cleaner!

Things to buy:
1) TV console ( my dad is bugging me to get this asap)
2) Secure padlock
3) Kitchen stuff (BH’s mum gave me $ to buy stuff, need to get physical items)

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