#11f: Reno Progess week 4 (Completed)

I am just so glad that the renovation works is completed!!! I simply LOVE the amount of natural light in our home. It’s so windy.. so bright… so nice!!! Almost perfect… not ideal.

Seriously, I can’t wait to cook in my kitchen. I already called Citygas to come in to do gas turn on – they will be coming in next Tuesday!

I have not made the final payment to Mr T yet.. and Mr T isn’t the type who is rushing me to pay him. I am very satisfied with the renovation he had done. He handled my requests very efficiently. Any problems were recified quickly too! 🙂 However, pls take note that Mr T is a contractor (old generation type) and HE may not have much modern ideas/suggestions. Go to him if u have something in mind.

Rem I was complaining about wrong drawings – Well, he still mk things right! In fact, Mr T didn’t even give me a specific date for handover when we signed the contract, his exact words were “很快就好!” So I just trusted him and I’m glad I did!

I am NOT earning commission for this BUT I certainly reccommend Mr Toh from Chng Poh Guan Renovation Construction (Inspiration ID) 🙂

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