#14a Doors installed!

After almost 3 weeks, the doors are up! 🙂 The door installer was not exactly friendly BUT he was very puntual. I decided to reach later this time because I didn’t wanna pay the extra parking for waiting, I even contemplated waiting at the gantry of the carpark until another car tailgate me then enter the carpark.. haha.. my sis talked me out of the thought.. oh well… so i looked ard the carpark and didn’t see any lorry that was from Yontat .. Just as my sis and I joked about the worker waiting outside my unit…. IT DID HAPPENED!!! He was quite unhappy and I was only 15mins late. If you are getting Yontat to do your doors…BE PUNTUAL!

Installing doors is no ez job. For installing 3 doors, it took about 2.5hrs! It was messy and dusty… and it definitely dirtied my place which was already quite clean after my contractor ‘acid washed’ the flat. Anyway, the installer cleaned up the mess as best as he could and told me that 1 of the doors was of the wrong size and he need to resized it.. sianz… hate it when things didn’t get completed. Because door was resized, it was short of laminate.

After he left, I arranged for another appointment to get Yontat’s men to come in to paste the laminate (I was glad i don’t have to wait 3 more weeks!). Phew.. they came the next day. The workers were very friendly this time round…he kept asking me to check after he did the sandpaper and before he mount the door up again! wah.. impressed! just when i thought, they are doing a careful and fine job, 1 worker carried the door and gently hit against my hanging light….OUCH!!! Heng ah… nothing happened! I thought I cld have died of heart attack then!

Overall experience with YONTAT – SUPERB! 🙂 Pls order doors early, waiting time is LONG! Doors very nice.. BUT i regretted not buying the solid doors… heh.. the hollow doors just don’t feel durable. Blame it on WWS syndrome !!

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