Happy day!

Phew.. after so many upset entries.. time for a happy one! I’m just glad that the major works are over!! Today, the 2 biggest (imo) problems are rectified!

1) Managed to get the lights company to fix my 1 kitchen light! Turns out that the bulb fused… I was extremely glad with their willingness to provide after service! THUMBS UP for BRIGHT HOUSE LIGHTING!

2) Door laminate pasted (Another story will update soon) *nearly had a heart attack when the worker carried the door and knock against my hanging light!!!!! gasp.. heng ah… didn’t crack or break.. and it still works.. thank God!*

I THINK I HAVE THE BEST MUM – really… she helped me with the cleaning of the dusty place!! I can nv thank her enough 🙂 as though she was super woman.. she came home and cooked delicious chilli crabs!! I am so touched!!!

What’s left?
-waiting for furniture ( not much) to come in
-hoping that a washer will drop from the sky ( yes.. i haven’t bought it yet.. due to WWS)
-BH to come home and do more shopping of other household stuff ( spending money is not my kind of thing.. I think BH will enjoy shopping more than me)

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