#8a: Lights installation

I was impressed by the prompt service from Bright House Lighting Pte Ltd ( the initials are coincidentally BH.. haha) Appointment time 10-11am and the 2 technicians came at 10.30am. Great! Not late! Prior the appointment, I called the service centre hotline to tell them to bring over another water heater and they did! I was still afraid that they will screw up! ok, I am not sure if the price I paid for lightings are HIGH or LOW.. but looking at the result of the installation… I’m happy!

1: Living and dinning area
2: Service yard
3: walkway (yellow/warm light)
4: Rooms

Yes – most of my lights are very simple… but that’s what I hope to achieve. I bet the most expensive thing in the house is my ceiling fan liaoz (besides the aircon) :X

My only complain is 1 of the technican did his BIG business in my NEW toilet!! He dirtied my toilet bowl!! 🙁 eeks… y don’t they feel paiseh?

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