stands for World’s Worst Shopper and that happens to be me. Well, BH came up with this term after my many failed shopping trips. I can nv understand how women can shop/spend money just like how they use water from a tap! Ok, maybe that’s y shoppers are always happy and me? I’m not.

Even with the awesome return/exchange policy, I hardly buy anything when I’m in the states. Weird isn’t? As compared to SG, I have to admit that clothes are cheaper there.. erm.. but they don’t usually fit me well. I end up shopping at kids section which is cheaper…. BUT there’s a couple of times I end up wearing the same t-shirt as a little girl!! *gasps!* how embarassing! BH hates it when I wear the white hairband with tiny stars on it… he will be like ” OMG.. u are not wearing that right? it’s so kiddish!” what can i say? only kids size fit my head ( though i think my head is big)???

Because of many instances like the above, BH came up with W.W.S. When I’m back in SG, I need to mk a number of purchases. It was just so difficult to start shopping. It’s like I’m the one who was supposed to buy things for the house BUT in the end.. my sister bought stuff and i didn’t. OMG… i suck at shopping!!!!

While shopping for some household stuff like aircon for our flat… I chose the cheapest and ignored the design.. BH was like ” why don’t you top-up the $ for a nicer design one?” ok… too late… I nearly made the same mistake for the fridge BUT was stopped by my mum and sis. Right…. I’m not sure if W.W.S is a result of being stingy or thrifty. I have no idea. I only know that I am a lousy shopper… 🙁

I think I need someone to teach me to shop w/o thinking of the money spent really.

Btw.. I was looking online.. thinking of buying clothes from blogshops… and my mum spotted this.. ” She was like.. it’s so nice!! you buy la… ” W.W.S finally resisted and bought it! Thanks to my mum.. I bought the last piece in my size! keke.. looking forward to receive it in the mail… the dress is so ‘Kate Spade’ !!!

Dress bought:

Kate Spade’s Candy shop Jeanette Dress

Between BH and me.. the spender is definitely him.. :X

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