Happy New Year! Binghuan’s Perspective

Happy New Year! What a year… so many things have happened this year for me… let’s do a recap first…

1) Married the most wonderful companion I could asked for.
2) Got to work in the company that I dream of when I was young
3) Seeing snow for the first time!
4) Purchasing my first car
5) Renting a loft!

Most of it seems to be related to my new job which I am sort of enjoying at the moment, just hate the commute to work sometimes, but I have great colleagues so there isn’t much more then I could ask for out of my job.

And it was this year where I truly realise what a wonderful cook my wife is! It is a relief that at the end of a tiring day, I have hot readymade dinner waiting for me at home. All thanks to my love 🙂

Snow was nothing actually, it was just cold and icy. And the roads will be blocked if there is heavy snow which traps us at home. That sucks although I really like to work from home. lol, hopefully our Earth gets better and there will be less snow here…

I wished I had a better car but decided to save some money and get a car within my means. Not that a Honda Fit is a bad car, but I *might* change a car next year… have to build a good credit history before changing…

The loft is the exciting part! Can you imagine a loft? Something we will not have back in Singapore. At least I don’t think I would pay a huge amount to get it back at Singapore. Then the problem is we need to get some stylo milo furniture and deco to make the loft look cool. Sigh. think we will have to do that slowly…

So that was roughly the exciting year for me, resolutions? Hmmm I hope that I can contribute to my work significantly and hopefully be able to get promoted at the end of year? Quite hard but I will try. Think I need to work hard now especially with the economy looking so gloomy everywhere…

I hope to be able to just enjoy couple hood life with Amanda. Like we are here, with nothing much to worry about and just enjoy our time here like its honeymoon every weekend. More specifically, there are places which we must visit! San Diego Zoo, Disney Land, Yellowstone, San Fran, Los Angeles, New York, Hawaii. Lol mainly all the attractions in the state and even Mexico or South America cities like Argentina or Brazil sounds exciting to me.

I am not going to ask for too much next year as time seems to pass so fast nowadays, I hope my friends and family will still remember me even though I may seem to have neglected them. Been just too tired everyday and the timezone difference is certainly not helping. Just want to tell you (if any of them comes) that I miss everyone back in Singapore.

May all of us have a good year ahead of us and that the world becomes a better place. 🙂

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