Seattle Storm Vs Minnesota Lynx

I managed to get free tix for us to watch a WNBA match at Keyarena 🙂 heh.. it’s not that i’m a basketball fan BUT both of us walked by Keyarena for countless of times and we wondered how is it inside. So I seized the oportunity and managed to get tix for a game for the both of us.

It was a weekday and the match was at 7. BH met me directly at the Keyarena. We went for dinner first (yay!! no need to cook!) then went for the 2nd half of the match

The score when we came in:

Our seats were pretty good ( compared to the San Antonio seats we paid for)

Okok.. cannot compare men and women NBA games.. haha… I mean I seriously could feel the excitement since we are seating so close to them!

Mascot which looks like Elmo!

Time out –

Defense!! Defense!!!

and finally….

Seattle Storm won!!

and it was really stormy .. i mean.. the weather became stormy… I forgot my PINK brolly and we ran home…

Guess what’s my fave part of the game?? haha.. when they catapult t-shirts. haha.. the deal would have been slicker if we went home with a FREE souvenir

Overall,it was fun.. at least something different to spice up the mid-week 🙂

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