the sun’s back!

On Saturday, I decided that I needed to borrow the pretty longchamp scarf from Sabrina ( my bag!) haha.. so I wore it on my head as a hairband. hehe.. nice ?? 😀

The weather was really sunny .. so I could finally wear ‘summer’ clothes. haha.. wore my A&F one shoulder top together with my pretty Kate Spade earrings.

We went for brunch at Mayuri Indian Cuisine. It was buffet brunch.. haha..but buffet is very ‘bo hua’ for me.. i don’t eat much. BUT the food was superb! I mean.. i love Indian food! the spices .. the aroma.. mks my mouth waters! I had yummy chickpeas salad + Tandoori chicken + butter chicken + mutton curry + naan+ yellow spinach rice! oh well, the deco of the place was so  ‘indian’ too! The food is sooo authentic! What more can you ask for!

heh.. think we were the only chinese there… It’s great that SG is a multi racial society.. we get to enjoy and appreciate food from many different cultures 🙂

A picture of us to rem the sunday saturday

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