tired but happy

this is how ‘passion’ for your work should feel like 🙂

I am a proud CEO of my ‘shop’  – Love it!! Sincerely, thank every single friend/customer for giving me their support, trust. Above all, thank you for recommending me to others. If you read this.. Thank you!!!

Yesterday, I saw with my own eyes that my email was forwarded from Company X > Company Y > Company Z! WOW!!! Thank you!! I’m so touched!

I also saw someone recommending me on a forum and someone ( who I don’t know) stood up for me when 1 member of the forum is talking nonsense and untrue things! Thank you!!!

You bet…I am tired as I only had shut-eye for 4 hours and had been continuously replying emails from my time 4am to 11.45am… I’m not blogging nonsense.. but I am seriously grateful and happy!! 😀

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