Gmarket shopping: How to use cash balance?

Yay!! Rem I declared that BH and I can only buy clothes 4X a year? ( once every season.) heh.. it’s March!! The time of the year again! I can smell spring.. and oh.. I so love spring coz I can see the pretty pink cherry blossoms along the streets 🙂 It’s a pretty sight – somehow beautiful things always bring tears to the corner of my eyes as I don’t know how long it will last..

Oh well, put my emotions aside.. today, I am blogging about Gmarket again!! yayness!

If you are like me, you have alot of cash balance left in your Gmarket a/c and you wonder how you are gonna use it. Then read on!

Let’s start with the same mentality. Set this straight. Repeat after me ” It’s impossible to fully utilise every single penny in my Cash Balance”

[Background info. on Cash Balance]

1) It is not the same as Gcash.

2) Cash balance is the money which is credited to your Gmarket a/c because u paid too much shipping for your previous gmarket shopping

3) Cash balance also comes from gift certificates. For example, you were a Gmarket Top Blogger for a certain mth. You will be given a gift certificate which you confirm receipt and deposit into the cash balance.

[Ways to use Cash balance]

1) Accumulate until you have a HUGE sum then use it in 1 go in a single transaction (1 BIG order)

2) Use it in 2 transactions. Eg: 1 BIG order ( pay with Credit Card or Paypal) & 1 small order ( pay with cash balance) then combine international shipping ( under the ‘request’ section)


I went ahead to use Method 2 so that I can maximise my Cash Balance ( cum use my gift certifcate from Jan)  🙂

Misconception: I had 9 items in my cart. I thought I could pay partially using Credit card and cash balance. However, it doesn’t work this way.

What I did?
I spilt up my orders. With abt 60,000 won in my cash balance, I can only buy 2 items + shipping.

Here’s a sceenshot:

*IMPORTANT* Pls make sure that the amt of Cash balance you have covers the payment. In other words, Cash Balance have to be MORE than the Payment

Yes, so I did a bit of maths to count which items should I buy in order to maximise my Cash balance 🙂

Last but not least, Gmarket will prompt you to confirm your payment using Cash Balance. (payment value diff from printscreen above.. heh.. I changed my items)

[Can I still buy when my Cash balance is LESS than my payment?]

Yes! You certainly can! However, take note of what I highlighted in the red box. You will need to deposit $ in your cash balance before the payment due date ( not sure how many days as I have not tried it)

[How can I deposit $ in cash balance?]

You need a korean bank a/c or get someone to buy you a gift certificate so that you can deposit into your cash balance.

[ Can I buy a gift certificate myself and deposit into my cash balance?]

Great minds think alike! I wondered about that too! heh.. I don’t have a Korea bank a/c so I can’t even buy myself a gift certificate!


Yups.. so I hope this entry helps you on how to use your Cash Balance 🙂 Pls feel free to share your thoughts by dropping me a comment!

8 Replies to “Gmarket shopping: How to use cash balance?”

  1. Hey, that post was really useful! Thanks 😀
    I was just wondering if u know how to use G Cash instead?
    Please advise. Thanks!

  2. Hi, thank you the the great idea of combing shipping. I have money left in my cash balance which I do not know how to use as well. However, where do I request to combine the shipment for purchase using cash balance and purchase using credit card?

  3. Hi Ning,

    I came across this site hoping to find a better way to refund the cash balance but I guess there isn’t really a good way at the moment :/

    Anyway, I thought I’d answer your question since I’ve been trying to figure out the same thing. I think what Amanda meant is to make to separate purchases, pay for one using the cash balance and another using your credit card. Then (and you have to do this before the sellers ship out, so a good time is right after you complete the payments), go to My Gmarket – Overseas Order. Tick off the check boxes to the left of the orders you want to combine. Then, the column all the way to the right should now have some sort of button that says ‘Combine’ or ‘Request’ or something like that.. I forget exactly what it is. I think the rest is pretty self-explanatory. This way you can save a bit on shipping in the end (although it will still be refunded back to you yet again in your cash balance that you can’t refund.. argh). Hope this helps.

    1. Hey Lisa, Thank you for replying here 🙂

      Sorry all that I can’t help much.. haven’t been shopping on gmarket for a long while. Nvtheless, I still will try to help as much as I can.

  4. Hey,
    do you mind me asking what is the best way to split up your orders? You said you did some maths to get the best out of your Cash Balance, but isn’t it the same thing? As you’ll be refunded extra shipping cost you paid back anyway.

    Thanks for this post btw ^_^

    1. haha… what I meant was I did some Maths so that I could minimize the amt of Cash Balance left behind 🙂

      Anyway, I saw that u bought a really nice black coat from gmarket recently!! *drools*

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