Getting vaccinated

Yesterday, I went down to BH’s workplace for the H1N1 vaccine. seems like the H1N1 scare is over? there were not many pple getting vaccinated.  Anyway, the vaccine is paid for by the company.. might as well take it right?

Prior to taking the jab, you got to fill up a form. There’s this ‘Age’ section that you need to fill in.. for once, I forgot how old was I 🙁  I thought I was 2_ BUT after I took 2010 – 198_ , I’m actually 2^ !!! I gasped in disbelief and horror… ” Am I that OLD???” and the nurse came to me ” Is there anything wrong?”

heh.. I thought in my heart ”  oH yes! MY AGE IS WRONG!” but I told her “erm… nothing!”

If only, that vaccine is to stop me from growing old…

The rest of the evening, I window shopped downtown for……… ANTI-AGING COSMETICS!!

Getting old? Tell me about it man… haha

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