Snowboarding Day 2

If you have been following our blog, you wld have read that we went Snowboarding last mth. As we bought the 3 days pass, we still had 2 more days to go ( actually, the cost wld break even if you go for 2 lessons) So on the bright and sunny morning, we decided to go on our Day 2 lesson 🙂

I woke up with a bad headache – I have no idea why. I kinda thought that we shld cancel the trip as I wasn’t feeling my best. However, the weather was so good! the sky’s so blue – it’s a great day for snowboarding! Ate panadol and hope that the headache wil go away.. BUT it didn’t 🙁

After breakfast at Sharis, we went to Snoqualmie Summit. The Q to sign in and collect our boards was horribly LONG. It was only 1/2 h more to our lesson. I was worried that we might just miss it ( there’s only 1 lesson for the day for Day 2) … So we rushed our way thru’ and managed to get our stuff, wear them and we were 15mins late!!!

Fortunately, there’s another lady who’s just like us.. so we kinda have a pte lesson. Just 3 of us + the super cool instructor, Jason! wah.. he’s cute can ( erm.. not tt i like the piercing on his tongue) HE KNOWS HOW TO TEACH! ( but my headache was so bad tt i was counting down to the end of the lesson)

BH and I actually improved and learnt alot from him 🙂 So we were super proud of our achievements – 

1) We can control our snowboards better

2) We can stop without falling

3) We can board the chairlift with our snowboard

BUT we still can’t alight from the chairlift w/o falling.. hahaha.. I literally slide down the chairlift! practise makes perfect!

Some pics of us in action!

I think this is our new past time 🙂 I cld have enjoyed and done much  better w/o the headache

Last pic for us to rem the day

Hope to go 1 last time before the season ends? haha..

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