Snowboarding Day 1

We have been planning a skiing/snowboardingĀ trip for some time .. last yr, the snow was really bad, so we didn’t even think of trying these sports out. Although, the weather is cold and wet this year, it’s still isn’t tt bad šŸ™‚ SO Julius kindly volunteered to bring us to The Summit at SnoqualmieĀ This is the nearest ski/snowboard place to Seattle, abt 45mins away from us

we had a late night the night before, due to Avatar BUT we still got up bright and early, had a super heavy breakfast andĀ head to Snoqualmie. I was wrapped in layers coz I thought it wld be cold, since it’s outdoor and there’s snow… BUT i was sooooooooo wrong!!! geeez… I was perspiring like crazy after the snowboarding session.

heh.. ok.. so BH and I bought a 3 day lessons pass ( + gears rental) for US$119, which was quite reasonable! I was expecting the gears to be old and dirty but i’m wrong! The gears are relatively new and well-maintained. Actually, I wanted to try skiing coz it looks easier.. heh.. BUT Julius was ard and he’s able to teach us snowboard, so we went for snowboard instead!

The 1st time was hard – the shoes make walking difficult and the snowboard was super heavy!! I took the kids size one and it’s still heavy!! really struggled the 1st few times to put on the gears and toĀ balance on the board( ya.. i am real bad at balancing tt I don’t know how to cycle)

Julius was really nice – he was like “it’s ok to fall and embarass yourself.. don’t worry!”Ā looking at the many newbies ard us and having a mindset tt “snow does not hurt as bad as hard cement floor” , I pluck up my courage and I managed to balance and even snowboard for a distance!! wow!! I’m impressed by myself šŸ™‚ I realised tt I had been belittling myself all the while ! I can do it!! Why do I always think I can’t??Ā In the end, I even managed to do better than BH ( so i thought.. haha.. talking abt being humble) :X

The pass we bought enables us to take 3 beginner lessons – so we went for our 1st lesson. Seriously, got 2 thank Julius for teaching us the basicsĀ 1stĀ – heĀ gave us the headstart so we weren’t the worst in the class! (Class consist of adults!)

So now I know how to control the snowboard with the heels and toes, I can make a smallĀ J turn tooĀ – how cool is that!!

Some pics of us in action šŸ™‚

haha.. of course, in the process of learning, I tried and fell many times in order to get the techniques right. anyway, I bought kids’ size pants and they have extra ‘padding’ at the bum and knees, so it didn’t hurt that bad šŸ™‚

Above all, it was fun and something new.. I love how free I feel when I snowboard – awww.. the cool air .. and I’m not gonna wear too much next time!! coz snowboard is kinda like an exercise? you will perspire, even when it’s cold!!

Looking forward for our next lesson – where we will take our snowboard to a ‘higher’ level!!

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