It’s the little things

*random post – coz I just felt like blogging!*

So the long weekend came and went very quickly… we went to Serious Pie for lunch with Julius (pics on Julius’ iphone as we forgt our cam… wonder when can we get it) . Serious Pie deserves a review post!!! 🙂

I think BH had Monday/work blues… seriously…he was acting like a sick puppy…  anyhow, he still went to work today… heng ah! it’s weird but i don’t really like him to be home as I really like pte time with myself.. Eg:  I can reply emails in peace , go to the gym , eat whatever nonsense for lunch. When BH’s home, he will be like ‘eh.. what u doing?? why u smiling at the computer?’ & he will wanna eat proper lunch! sickeningly irritating!

okok.. all these things aside… today, I just felt like being nice and dedicating a post to BH.. awww.. so sweet… right?? heheh

I haven’t really blog on nice things abt BH for the longest time ..  coz i always feel tt since he’s my hubby, he’s obliged to do all these things ! oh well, so today’s post will b on the things he’s nt obliged to do but he did – tt’s what mks it ‘little’ and ‘sweet’? heh..

well,  BH is usually nice.. just tt sometimes, I don’t like to praise him.. Praising will mk him complacent… so when he does something nice and good… I’ll think of something else and urge him to go an extra mile for me.. mean? but I think it works for my ‘Jacob wannabe’  ;p

1) during the long weekend, there was this Lancome promo.. Genifique & Genifque Eye for like US$100. I don’t know how much it’s retailing at SG but imo this is super cheap > 2 items wld have been US$137!!! Of course, I wanted it – tried the sample previously and loved it.. makes the skin smooth… I was expecting BH to say tt it’s too ex… ask me to look for alternatives.. BUT he didn’t .. so he log on to the site and bought it for me ( while i was still hesitating..) !!! yay!! Happy!!

2) I was also lusting for Chanel Classic Flap bag.. man… too much of silly entertainment news / mags makes me want this bag so badly.. so BH made the effort to find out more abt the bag :O It was so random – instead of playing with his games, he was searching for this bag on ebay!! heh… not expecting him to buy for me.. it’s seriously toooooooo ex..even the 2nd hand one is ex ! but the effort and thought of getting it for me.. makes me happy! maybe a few years later? 🙂

3) he takes nice pics of me when I thought look awful.. awww.. at least I thought this pic of me looks nice 🙂

4) He spreads jam & butter on my bread for me every morning coz I told him my parents does tt for me last time… geez.. I’m such a baby…

5) He diligently wash the dishes, clean the sink and stove every night – even when he’s “sick”! wahahaha…

6) He washes my water bottle and fill up  the flask every night so that I’ll have lotsa water to drink in the day

maybe some times.. it’s the littlest things tt counts! 🙂

Just for record, *ahem* he has like 6 brownie points ONLY.. haha

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