Happy New Year 2010 (Binghuan’s version)

Another new year another new place, not sure if I should consider it a blessing? Having to move so much furniture with the help of another guy is just torture, but somehow I feel happy that I did it. I think that almost sums up 2009 for me? It is just more and more new experience of stuff I would never go through if I didn’t jump up such a wonderful chance.

New experiences of staying independent without anyone’s help, just me and my wife? Having to go to market every week or two. Having to clean up dishes every night. Having to make the bed every morning, having to clean my own clothes, having to do all the things which one may have taken for granted last time as we are all so well-taken care of by our parents last time. Is this considered to be growing up? Well I think I took a bit longer than others to be going through all these. I cannot imagine myself turning the big 3 but here I am staring at it as it comes heading to my direction like a bullet train. *sigh*

No time to waste thinking about what if, what could, maybe? That’s why I am a die hard Nike fan now. Just Do It. Damnit just do it!
Why bother thinking about money… time is actually more expensive as you can’t really save it… If you want it, get it. (Of course only get it if you can afford it.)

So here I am, at my brand new place (which I hope would be more permanent is moving is just too tiring :p) Staring outside, waiting for the new year firework. Thinking about the many other places I want to go and see. I picked up a new form of hobby in photography in 2009. Something I am quite proud of actually! 🙂 I always loved doing design but time was never there for me to do all the design on the website that I dreamt of last time… Was just telling Amanda “Hey you know this site was something similar to what I wanted to do last time, but I had no time…” So I am very happy I got a dslr, although it cost a few hundred, at least it was instant gratification. I can see my work of art immediately! Plus it helps when I travel and take photos of the places…

Sorry for the randomness of this entry, jumping here and there. Think I haven’t blogged for too long and am too rusty. Back to 2009…

2009, visited some places like Whistler where the 2010 Winter Olympics is going to be held! Visited some of the more famous city in USA, like Las Vegas and the more boring one like San Antonio. Went to my very first tulips farm? Should really have gone out more… but we were on a mission in saving. And did we saved. We saved almost twice of what we did last time when both of us were working in Singapore. This year is no different. We will still be on a saving mission. You can imagine Amanda asking why I leave the TV on with no one watching… heh

And the thing about 2010 which we are not really looking forward to is we have to go back to settle our VISA and home… not that we don’t want to go back and see our families, its just that going back is going to hurt our saving mission… We will probably be back around Aug, Sept period… and stop over at Seoul for a short visit. We cannot even leave USA as our VISA won’t allow us to re enter USA… So 2010 only overseas trip will be Singapore.

What else to look forward for 2010? Hmmm, windows mobile 7 😀
Yea hopefully it can be strong enough to fight with iphone (kinda of hard)

– I think I have been really bad to my body, so my resolution is to at least exercise once a week with the help of my personal trainer Amanda Goh.

I can’t really think of anything else actually. I love my wife like forever already. (Lub her deep deep is what we usually say in Singlish)
Hope the firework later is worth it, will post pics if I have good shots. 🙂

Happy new year to all!

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