My heart skipped a beat

When my heart skipped a beat,
I wonder what’s wrong
something familiar is gone
and I don’t feel it anymore

When my heart skipped a beat,
That instance seems long,
I’m drifted to somewhere where darkness overcomes me,
and fear engulf me like never before

i’m a PC!

This ad is on the american tv now… she’s juz sooooooooo cute.. look at her pouty lips!! ;p

did u all hear the last part clearly?
did she say –
Option A : ” I’m a PC and I’m 4 and a 1/2″
Option B : ” I know how to use a PC and I’m 4 and a 1/2″
Option C : None of the above.. pls go and dig ur ears


Muffler Scarf


All in sg!! Must try this!!! very nice!!

Can’t try this here.. coz too cold..i will definitely try this in summer!

haha… again… showing u the video of my fave girl for now.. hehe

How to Wear a Muffler Scraf

Note: heard from news tt it’s 31days to Spring! wah!!! 1st time i’ll be experiencing Spring!

last but not least.. how can i nt include the song in her video? haha…


i have a couple of scraves..and i want new ways to tie them… soooooooo i did a search on youtube and i found her…


her website

her videos

i should have cut my hair short 🙁 keke.. can i be 1/2 like her????

Happy Chinese New Year to all!

we moved in.. juz gt our own internet and cable tv. Over in the US, if u do not subscribe to cable, you have no programmes to watch… so now.. we have 100+ channels… watch till u siao! but i don’t really like 2watch tv..

i have started to go to the gym at least 3X a week.. 1 hr for each session. Now i burn an average of 400cals a week! nice.. it’s like a meal here.. i m also taking less carbo and eating mostly vege and white meat.. as for BH, i cook different stuff for him – like i try to cook pork and beef so tt he cld gain some mass…and ensure tt he eats every single grain of rice and every piece of meat! haha

the past few weeks, we have been trying to clean up the house and make it as neat and nice as possible… however, the cable guy came ysterday, walked all over our house WITHOUT removing his shoes.. so i gt to do the vaccuming and mopping again!

some of u had alr known tt i havent been slping well ever since i moved in.. hmmm… i have no idea y.. is it coz the house is *ahem*? i don’t think so.. we are facing a church! the church bell will ring at 8am and 6pm everyday… haha.. good alarm! well..maybe i m juz getting used to the hse? last night was the FIRST time i slept well.. feels so good to have a pleasant night of sleep..

i ought to upload some pics of our place… they are all on our camera.. maybe will do so later…

i have been feeling quite homesick… i miss my mum’s food…my sis talking non-stop… driving to work.. accompanying my mum to the market… being angry with the kids… being bz with the marking… scolding till my throat hurts…being independent… spending my own money freely..

it’s weird to be human – when u do not have something, u want it.. when u have it, you think it’s no big deal after all…i’m contented but not happy..

Have a Happy Lunar New Year!