1/2 way

Finally booked Best Western Stovall’s Inn, Anaheim for my family LA trip

Things that still needs to be booked:
1) Air tix SEA>LAS, LAX>SEA
2) LAS hotel
3) Luxbus: LAS>Anaheim
4) Grand Canyon trip

then done! well… i don’t like planning at all… then my sis was like .. ” you are not planning what..” hmm… I am the CASHIER … right??!!

Trip with Caryn more or less settled? and I’m happy to announce that we used Hotwire to get a good hotel at Vancouver again – Suite, with kitchenette at The Westin Grand, Vancouver > US$90/night

A&F cardigan arrived! loved it! 🙂

Can’t wait for outlet trip tml.. I WANT my COACH Sabrina!!

It’s 7 years!

today is our 7 years together! time flies… it didn’t feel tt long.. felt like we just knew each other? haha.. but then again.. if we juz knew each other, we’ll b really excited to celebrate this day… rem the pounding hearts.. the effort.. the sugar rush of meeting each other juz to exchange gifts? well.. those were in the past..

it all takes a capital “M” to change things..

it’s juz another day.. Bh will come home, have dinner, get into the routine of NBA, Football Manager , doing his work then sleep…

and then one day we’ll stop remembering this day…

i’m not sad… juz stating the facts

doing everything for the 1st time

when was the last time you did something for the first time?


haha.. YM wrote this on my bday card and it seem soooooo true!

can’t help it.. and i started to count the things i did for the 1st time today ( as of this afternoon)

1) have a silly arguement with bh over the bloody cheque
2) getting the maintance guy to replace a strange looking light bulb
3) making an animated gif file juz for fun
4) spending april fools’ day in seattle

imagine.. the list goes on… 🙂

great weekend!

28 March 2009

1) had a wonderful breakfast! went to IHOP! yummy and affordable!! we love it!!! pancakes were very fluffy!!

2) Received a huge box of goodies!! Thanks to YM and Fel! i was a happy girl!

3) Visited the Seattle Aquarium.. very crowded… nothing much.. but the Sea Otters were sooooooo cute!!!

29 March 2009

4) had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory!!! yummy!!! love the Strawberry cheesecake!

5) went to pike place market and bought pretty flowers!! smells good too!! and i FINALLY saw cherry blossoms!! so pretty! i don’t have to go to Japan to see them! 🙂

6) we watched Monsters Vs Aliens at IMAX!!! we had special specs to watch the show… so cool!!! show was very nice!!! very funny!!! monsters are sooooooooo cute!!! hahaha… great way to start the week!! hee.. happy!!

btw… i used Picasa3 to create the wonderful collage! ;p can add words somemore!!! good!!!

Vancouver Roadtrip *image intensive post*

This is the first time Bh and i had travelled so far on car + he’s driving… it really scares the daylight out of me tt prior the trip… i had difficulties sleeping well!!! i even read all abt car accidents over at the US and prepared masking tape for emergency use… fortunately, this trip was a smooth one for us… though BH gt quite pissed off when i told him to slow on a a few occasions… hmmm.. i will not let my guard down on our next rdtrip though

21 March 2009

we woke up early.. had breakfast then prepared sandwiches for the trip… we left our apartment at 7.30am… the weather was kinda cloudy in the morning… i was scared… and my whole body was super cold as BH kept changing lanes… i mean.. i seriously don’t see a need to change lanes.. not tt we are in a rush or something.. he mks me feel like he make a record of reaching vancouver in the shortest time.. there were many huge trucks on the rds… the scenery along the way was very nice… but i was scared stiff to enjoy it… so.. i juz kept my mouth shut and repeated prayed The Lord’s Prayer in my heart

Finally, we reached the border of Canada at abt 10am.. and we gt to wait for 1/2 hr to clear customs.. which was quite a short wait compared to as long as 1 hr (read from forums).. past the customs… and we r in canadian territory… canadian drivers are quite reckless… they were driving really fast! there’s this particular car who’s crazy.. we were on the centre lane and he purposely drove right in front of us went to the left lane then cut us again and turn out into the right most lane!!! dangerous!!

after driving for 15mins or so… we reached downtown.. parked our car and checked in.. pls refer to the previous entry on hotel reviews

without a single penny of canadian dollars, BH and i walked to Stanley Park… there’s a Beaver Lake.. we walke dto the beaver lake and saw no beavers.. sianz… and we gt to walk back coz we didn’t have any canadian dollars with us… when we want an ATM, there’s none in sight!!! i was really hungry and tired… i guess being scared takes up alot of energy… we had no choice..we struggled to get to the Vancouver Aquarium, which had a ATM located inside th aquarium… so BH was being escorted to take money in the aquarium!! i’m so jealous!! he gt a FREE sneak peek of the aquarium!!! we wanted to visit the aquarium but we didn’t have time…so maybe next time?

with the money, we quickly ate a hotdog to fill our stomachs before heading to our next destination – Chintown.. well.. took a bus to chinatown… walked ard… bought some evelopes for shipping purposes ( cheaper than buying from USPS) and misc stuff like nail clipper? haha i think the gd think abt driving is.. u can take everything and buy anything.. coz there’s space… no need to care if it’s too heavy or bulky to bring up the plane/coach :p

after which, we returned to downtown vancouver for dinner… and we had jap food! yummy!! havent ate such gd food for sooooooooo long!!!

some pics of stanley park

22 March 2009 –

woke up bright and early… walked to Tim Horton for a good and yummy breakfast!

walked along the streets and found a yummy cupcakes store! of course, we bought them to try! for once, i forgot abt gaining calories ( and i came back and exercised like siao… 🙁 )

it’s the most relaxing day of our trip.. coz we decided to spent 115CAD/person on a tour which brings us to different places in North Shore … luckily, we took the tour.. i felt tt i learnt abt of things!

1st stop; Capilano Salmon Hatchery – it was not the Salmon season.. else can see the salmon leaping upstream.. well.. if it’s not for the tour, we wld have missed this

2nd Stop: Capilano Bridge ( compared to Treetop walk in sg… it’s nothing!!) – This bridge is long, shaky and high.. haha.. do not look down!

3rd Stop: Grouse Mountain – If you have been to Mt Titlis, this is more or less the same… if u r driving here, reach early!!! parking slots are quite limited! luckily, we didn’t drive.. else we wldnt get to enjoy this beautiful sight!

ate at the Altitude Resturant… view was great… food was tasty too! yummy!!! ( oh well.. coming from some1 who had had eaten ouside food for so long!!)

view of vancouver from the Grouse mountain

4th Stop: Cleveland Dam – nice!! beautiful scenery!

The dam –

beautiful backdrop right!

we also visited Lonsdale Quay and Granvile Island on the same evening .. nothing worth mentioning..

ended the tour by taking a seabus (ferry)… which reminds us of hongkong!

23 March 2009 – my bday! and also the day we r going home.. Bh didn’t forget my bday this time… wahaha…left the hotel at 9.40am and reached the US border at ard 10am

we didnt go home straight… instead, we dropped by the bank to settle some tax matters then the supermarket for buying groceries… by the time we are home it’s 3 plus in the afternoon… we were tired.. so we stayed home for steamboat dinner… and tt was how i spent my bday.. not exciting… but it was a nice rdtrip!! cheap too!

anyhow… i super sad la… i didn’t buy much things in vancouver.. 🙁 nothing i really like…think we’ll be going Oregon, Portland next… also 3 hrs drive and Oregon is a tax-free zone!!! haha.. shop till siaoz!!

haha.. till then!

Hello Spring!


Today is offically the start of spring! i started spring merrily with YM and Fel!! Both at the same time!! i’m a happy girl as the 3 of us conduct our mini conference via skype! the wonders of technology!

now my nose feels funny… hope it’s not the flu bug… anyhow.. i swallowed a flu pill juz for in case!

Happy Spring Day to all… haha.. maybe we shld do some Spring cleaning!

Vancouver weekend 21 March – 23 March 2009

Bh and i were like trying out priceline.com last night.. haha.. it’s quite a thrill as you nv know the low prices u put in will be accepted or not… so we were like trying our luck.. and then…. we got it!

Marriott Vancouver Pinnacle Downtown at $65 usd per night!

hmm… not cheap enough in our opinion BUT it’s cheaper if u compare with other hotel sites.. haha… luckily, we didn’t get any ulu hotels which is further away from town… hehe… and bh took 1 day leave on 23 March 2009.. it’s an impt day ya know! kekeke

so now.. we are thinking of how can we get to vancouver:
a) driving to vancouver which will take 3 hrs + 50usd for petrol
b) taking the amtrak which will take 4 hrs + 81usd/person
c) taking a coach which will take 5 hrs + 49usd/person

simple weekend

it was a simple weekend… started saturday with watching Lost Season 3 .. we had to finish up b4 returning to the library… in the afternoon, Julius came over to our place… drove out to the library then did grocery shopping at Uwajimaya…. then we had steamboat for dinner! He’s like our 1st friend who came over! nice to have company.. haha… and the whole place was filled with loud laughter for once! yay! me likes!

talking to julius is sooooooo tiring tt we or rather i slept in really late on sunday.. woke up only at 11.30am! wah… 1st time i slept till so late!!! seriously… i can’t rem sleeping till this late… and i was awaken to the sounds of NBA on the TV and saw BH playing silly Football Manager with one eyeball and the other eyeball fixed on the TV… the next moment “hey, are u cooking lunch or not?” geez… this is what married life is like…

anyhow, i finally edited my 1st video! hee… enjoy!

i’m so in love with LOST

For once the DST is good.. coz i can watch LOST sooner! yay!!!

Btw, every night is a marathon of Lost Season 3 .. hehe… now we are waiting for the library to inform us that Season 4 is avaliable!!! quick!!