Merry Christmas!

Hi guys, we just had a short trip to Vegas as a sort of celebration for christmas. πŸ™‚

We were stuck at the airport for a night actually due to some blizzard… πŸ™ But we still had a very tiring and enjoyable 2.5 days at Vegas where the weather is so much better than in Seattle…

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Wedding Slideshows

Been delaying this for some time now, but finally got time to put them up due to the snow! haha… Amanda and I have been doing great as she cooks wonderful food for me every night. πŸ˜€
Still got 1 more album which is Jon Keng’s work which we need to put up… Hopefully we can do that up later…

(Edited: Done!)
Pre Wedding Shoot

Pre Wedding Casual Shoot

Actual Day Shoot

Heavy Snow!

wah…woke up today.. looked out of the window and saw a thick layer of snow!! it’s a pretty sight but worrying as well… hmmm.. snow=cannot drive (we do not have a 4 wheel drive) top it up, the city has alot of hills.. imagine… snow and hills don’t go together… according to news, it’s 6inches thick at Redmond (where microsoft is).. nah.. BH’s office is at Seattle.. which is snowing heavily too!!!

haha… so BH is unable to go to work and he’s working from home.. yeah! i’ve gt company today! hee.. and we’re going to check out the park during lunch.. maybe make a snow man or something.. hehe…

one more thing.. the electricity may go out later… so i think i don’t even need to cook lor coz we are using electric stove here..

happy news to share.. we finally found the apartment we want! yeah.. after viewing like 15 apartments.. we found it!!! it’s at Seattle, extremely near the space needle, brand new and it’s a loft!!! Loft = an apartment where there’s 2 levels, upstairs is the bedrm, downstairs is the kitchen and living rm.. hahaha.. it’s damn cool!!! we don’t see this in Singapore.. and to top it up, the roof deck has a spectacular seaview!!! so… we r v excited to move in!!! hehe.. probably move after x’mas!

oh.. and we r going to Las Vegas this saturday and will return next tuesday! hahaha.. staying at MGM Grand and we r gonna strike it big again!!!(yeah right) hahahaha… wish us luck! ;p

X’mas tree

BH drove us to an Asian Supermarket – “Great Wall Shopping Village” at Renton yesterday… wah.. things are way cheaper than Bellevue and there are more asian food and vege to buy! ;p we managed to get the Jasmine rice as well!

After which, we also went to Walmart where we bought rubber mats for the car and xmas deco!! hehe… came back and bought the real x’mas tree from the supermarket beneath our apartment ( for convenience sake)

while i prepare meatball spaggetti for dinner.. BH fix the tree up! not an ez task!! after dinner, we deco the tree! What can i say? it’s a wonderful weekend! πŸ™‚

before we deco the tree!
before we deco the tree!
after we deco the tree! so pretty isn't it! :)
after we deco the tree! so pretty!

Last but not least… our car, Blackie!! πŸ™‚

It’s a Black Honda Fit

ooo-rdinary day

(Go to to hear the song! it’s an advertisement here!)

I fall asleep to,
your serenade.
I wake up to,
your saving grace.

I see the sun beam the perfect ray,
I wanna send out a gazillion bouquet.
I hear the chords that resonate,
It’s just another,
oh oh, oh ordinary day.
aoooh, aoooh

I look from your eyes,
down to your lips.
I feel it from my toes down to my fingertips.

I see the clouds shake,
A sweet aray
It’s just another,
oh oh, oh ordinary day.
aoooh, aoooh, aoooh, aoooh

On sunday afternoon we wake up,
to find that snow has fallen down down

We should put our winter clothes on,
and go walking ’round.

And we can sit there,
beside the hills.
Maybe we’ll notice that the world is standing still.
Some things may go and,
some stay the same.
in just another
oh oh, oh ordinary day.
oh, oh, oh ordinary day
oh, oh, oh ordinary day
oh, oh, oh ordinary day
oh, oh, oh ordinary day


i love the song and i feel like this everyday! haha… except tt weekend is coming and i feel so excited to go on an excursion with our new car!!! Blackie! ;p No pic yet.. will take later!

anyway, i cooked chicken curry last night and we ate with rice and bread.. yummy i must say… and i am such a good cook (when i’m not working).. hehe

Top: Curry in a pot

Bottom: Curry in bowl ( added coriander leaves for colour)

Not bad right! πŸ™‚ and i also enjoy the smell of the clothes after wash… so satisfying to smell them on BH.. and to see the well-ironed clothes on him! hehe.. i’m loving it! can i don’t work? i rather give my love to 1person than to 40 monsters πŸ™ or can i don’t further my studies… i don’t wanna write essays or do projects…

haha.. i wonder how long and i ‘tahan’ this nothing to do life! waking up and realising that i’ve gt no work! no deadlines! and no friends or sister or mother near me πŸ™

but life’s still good with online……Screen (not window) shopping!

My day in Seattle

wondering what my day in Seattle is like?


7.00 am – alarm rings, Snooze once

7.15 am – alarm rings. Snooze twice

7.30 am – Wake up!

7.45 am – Make coffee and breakfast while BH gets ready for work

8.00 am – We eat breakfast + wash dishes + decide on what to eat for dinner

9.00 am – BH leaves for work

9.30 am – BH call to say he reach work safely. I’ll have a peace of mind to do other misc things

9.30 am to 12. 30 am: Bathe, wash clothes, dry clothes, iron clothes, make bed*

12.30 am – Lunch for me

1.00 pm – surf ard. Talk online

5.00 pm – start to prepare ingredients to cook

6.30 pm – BH calls to say he is on his way home. I will start to cook

7.00 pm – BH is home. He will wash up while i prepare to start dinner

7.30 pm – Dinner time

8.00 pm – BH wash the dishes , kitchen sink, cloths while it’s my bathing time

9.00 pm – Watch TV, surf online

10.00 pm – Sleep Time!

*Not everyday do housework… i’ll walk ard the neighbourhood

and then the cycle continues…

Does my schedule sound boring? haha.. But i’m happy! i didn’t know tt i’ll feel this way… at least i don’t have to go to sleep feeling anxious about school, go to bed feel angry and worried for the kids… we make decisions on our own and we can do everything we like! wow! Our lives together just begin on the 29 Nov 2008! πŸ™‚ NOT on 6eptember!

on top of that, i feel that i am quite a good cook! hey! my home econs get A one leh! tt’s y BH is a lucky man with a pretty wife who’ve brains and can cook and do hsework! hee…

was surfing ard and i saw The Art Institute of Seattle… thinking of doing a Diploma on Residental Design… however, i wonder if it’s recognised in sg… well.. shall look ard more..

anyway, the weather is super dry here and most of my cosmetics are in the sea shipment! and i can’t get any familar brands here πŸ™ so.. abit afraid to go out… scared my skin peel la… haha… damn vain right… now i’ve gt no toner, no collagen to drink… man… my skin is so gonna die…i have been putting alot of moisturizer… hope the moisturizer is enuff to last me till the shipment comes man….

i found a backup US brand – Clinique.. wonder if it’s good… anyone uses this brand? share k… will most likely get this brand online… it’s cheap here!

(btw.. online shopping is super ‘in’ here.. everything is ebay and paypal and whatever website.. BH is like addicted to shopping man! he needs to shop online everyday!!!)

i’m hungry… shall eat some thing 1st then snap some pictures of the neighbourhood …

sleepy sun

Hi all,

I had arrived in Seattle safely.. in fact, i arrived 1/2 hour earlier than expected.. I was worried that BH won’t be there yet BUT i was wrong.. haha…and BH’s driving improved… i am thinking of not converting my license to avoid giving too much comments when BH drives.. haha.. ignorant is bliss! i like it this way!

People here have been really friendly… like.. they volunteer to take a photo of us while we were window shopping along the streets of Bellevue..

to me.. things here r really expensive.. (maybe coz i haf no income now..) πŸ™ and the pple here wakes up real late .. even the sun is sleepy.. haha.. 8am at town area = no cars=no pple=no sun…

and i cooked dinner and breakfast… decent meals ok! haha… i think i can cook well… thanks to my mum’s instant helpline!

i think i’ll be blogging elsewhere… not comfy with too many pple reading here..

will be going car-shopping later.. take care all! (it’s sunday today!)


I really really really love this song, it is the advertisement song for Macdonalds here. πŸ™‚

Love – Matt White

And love ..
Such a silly game we play, oh,
Like a summer’s day in May.
What is love, what is love?
I just want it to be love
oooh. oh

I, I, I, I, I .. I can feel it in your kiss
It just gives me tender bliss
What is love, what is love?
I just want it to be love
oooh. oh.

When I feel you around,
I was mad as hell when I hit the ground.
When I see you laugh away
It hurts but I just won’t say,
uh uh uh. Loveee …

Who can tell me? I am lost.
I just think that I am strong.
What is love, what is love?
I just want it to be love.
ooooh ooh.

When I feel you around,
I was so upset we fell on the ground
When I see you mad at me
It was such a silly thing

And love ..
Such a silly game we play,
Like a summer’s day in May.
What is love, what is love?
I just want it to be love
ooooh. oh

and I, I, I, I, I, I can feel it in a kiss
It is something I will miss
What is love, what is love?
I just want you to be love

there’s more than one side to a picture

it’s my first post here…well.. only next week till in join BH in seattle… you think i’m happy? hmm… i do see many envious faces around…but it’s nothing to be envious about…

i can so predict my life in seattle… boring.. lonely… scared… i’ll probably become a full-time maid (even if i were to further my studies).. BH is probably gonna work late… and i’ll be cold and lonely… i can imagine myself feeling sad and miserable without any family warmth… i can feel the sadness and coldness as i am typing this…

Despite talking abt our priorities,BH will never keep to his promise… i can imagine us having arguments about his working schedule… if there’s a reason for our marriage to fail, it’s because of him being unable to balance his work and me..

don’t ask me abt having kids…at this pt, i feel that our r/s is not that stable to have kids… we have too many 3rd parties now.. they are interfering in our lives… having children is definitely be a no-no… i am still disturbed by some pple i saw at dinner..

it’s as though i wanna forget what happened on 6eptember… i wanna sell or give away (if nobody wanna buy) my evening gown… pls feel free to leave a msg if interested

It is official!


Yes I am PC! Work just started so there is a lot of learning and catching up to do for me. The good thing is my manager and team mates are really cool friendly guys. But I always have the mentality that I am not up to it, which I should not have in the first place. Going to have to read book this weekend to learn more.

[singlepic=106,300,320,,] That is the starbucks coffee machine which is one of the many benefits working here. πŸ™‚ Btw, my work is not in the main MS campus but over at the Seattle side. Got pros and cons like parking/housing is so expensive at Seattle side, but there is a lot more things going on at Seattle side. Anyway some other perks include free transportation pass for employee, medical & dental care, life insurance, the usual stuff. Some more unusual stuff cause I am working in the Mobile team, I get to pick a smart phone for free soon! And also cause I work in Seattle, I get to opt out of parking for $150 in reimbursement to park my car at my place instead! That means I have to walk/take shuttle to work though which I am quite ok with.

[singlepic=107,300,320,,right] I just had a interesting time at Seattle today, check out the photos! It was a beautiful weather today. πŸ™‚

There was some gay rights demonstration when I reached downtown… very interesting

[singlepic=112,300,320,,right] I then went over to Pike Place Market which is actually their version of ChatuChak Market in Bangkok, inside got lots of china sellers.

[singlepic=120,300,320,,right] This should be the first Starbucks in Seattle, I still need to confirm this again…

[singlepic=125,300,320,,right] And finally the needle, I use it to roughly know the direction to go around actually, very useful!