1st CNY in Seattle

hardly anyone celebrates CNY here.. duh! it’s an angmo place.. haha.. so.. there’s little CNY mood… shops are all open.. i guess the closest to the CNY celebration is at Chinatown? the in-laws are here.. we went to chinatown and were greeted by Lion and Dragon dance.. haha.. nice.. but mood still nt there? nt loud enuff?

this CNY is the BUSIEST for me so far.. hmm… usually, my mum prepares the food… i juz look on and ‘help out’ as much as i can… this year, i did most of the marketing and food prepartion… except for last night, MIL made ngo hiang and fried vege.. i made bak kut teh for dinner… after dinner, need to clean the kitchen and wash the dishes… so… it’s very busy… oh well.. i feel so grown up man.. last time my mum do all these, i juz sat down and eat… like i’m a ‘ thousand dollar small sister’ (translate in chinese) hee

this CNY is the PLAINEST for me as well… i nv do my hair.. nv buy new clothes… nv dress up.. nv go out… so many things tt i didn’t do… i come here be ‘cow’.. who say come here and be ‘tai-tai’!! argh …tt’s coz i didn’t thnk HARD enuff to mk this decision…

BH and i are very exhausted.. not from sex.. (man.. the weather is tooooooo cold for anything) but from entertaining our guests who came all the way from sg…

oh well.. so what i did on the 1st day of new yr, i went to the gym and i cooked, wash and clean… so auntie right? πŸ™

i’m sure all of u have a very good time with ur family.. i can only talk to my family online and view the delicious food tt my mum prepared on webcam… festive times like this only mk me miss my family more… i’m so jealous of BH whose family is here now πŸ™


1) it snowed again.. nt heavy n the weather is still ultra cold…

2) windows 7 is very cool! design is very nice.. and the beta version can be downloaded! here’s the site: http://www.microsoft.com/windows/windows-7/beta-download.aspx

Happy Chinese New Year to all!

we moved in.. juz gt our own internet and cable tv. Over in the US, if u do not subscribe to cable, you have no programmes to watch… so now.. we have 100+ channels… watch till u siao! but i don’t really like 2watch tv..

i have started to go to the gym at least 3X a week.. 1 hr for each session. Now i burn an average of 400cals a week! nice.. it’s like a meal here.. i m also taking less carbo and eating mostly vege and white meat.. as for BH, i cook different stuff for him – like i try to cook pork and beef so tt he cld gain some mass…and ensure tt he eats every single grain of rice and every piece of meat! haha

the past few weeks, we have been trying to clean up the house and make it as neat and nice as possible… however, the cable guy came ysterday, walked all over our house WITHOUT removing his shoes.. so i gt to do the vaccuming and mopping again!

some of u had alr known tt i havent been slping well ever since i moved in.. hmmm… i have no idea y.. is it coz the house is *ahem*? i don’t think so.. we are facing a church! the church bell will ring at 8am and 6pm everyday… haha.. good alarm! well..maybe i m juz getting used to the hse? last night was the FIRST time i slept well.. feels so good to have a pleasant night of sleep..

i ought to upload some pics of our place… they are all on our camera.. maybe will do so later…

i have been feeling quite homesick… i miss my mum’s food…my sis talking non-stop… driving to work.. accompanying my mum to the market… being angry with the kids… being bz with the marking… scolding till my throat hurts…being independent… spending my own money freely..

it’s weird to be human – when u do not have something, u want it.. when u have it, you think it’s no big deal after all…i’m contented but not happy..

Have a Happy Lunar New Year!


if anyone tells u tt after marriage, things are still the same.. they are juz bullshitting

EVERYTHING changes after marriage

nah.. not tt i had an arguement with BH or BH is treating me bad.. but i feel tt things are not the same anymore.. i prefer us to be juz best friends.. really

Before marriage, he lends u a listening ear. After marriage, “Amanda, I am doing work now”

Before marriage, he does not mind doing things for u. After marriage, “What are you doing everyday!”

Before marriage, he thinks you are the prettiest. After marriage, “You should go to the gym and exercise.. fatty fatty pom pom”

Before marriage, he tells you that he miss you. After marriage, “What are we eating for dinner? Are you preparing lunch for me?”

Before marriage, he holds your hand when we are walking along the streets. After marriage, he walks before you, forgetting that u are catching up with him.

Before marriage, he would apologise even if its not his mistake, just to humour you. After marriage, “Why is it so difficult for you to apologise?”

Before marriage, he plays the songs you like on his ipod (when u r listening with him). After marriage, he plays the songs he likes and mks u get a headache.

Before marriage, we go shopping at departmental stores. After marriage, we go shopping at supermarkets.

Before marriage, we spend weekends going out. After marriage, “Amanda we need to clean up the house.”

Things do change…

i rem Felicia told me tt i think too much.. i should juz do it.. BUT i regretted not thinking hard enough..

damn sian

moving house is sooooooo tiring…. our bodies are aching like siao.. and nt everything is in place..

we have been living in dirt for the past week.. and the vaccum cleaner juz arrived last night at 8.30pm! it’s by UPS – they really delivers! (hmm or is it fedex tt uses tt slogan)

well.. we have been purchasing hsehold items online.. coz it’s cheaper than we buy in-store (surprising??!!) and it has FREE shipping (no need to carry)

oh well… everything can come through mails… if only Fedex or UPS or USPS could deliver my mum’s food to me πŸ™ if only my mum was here, she could help me with these mess

and we have no internet of our own (don’t ask how i got online) …juz bought a tv but no cables and cable.. so we really ‘watch tv’ not the programmes… ahhhhhhhh…..

Happy New Year! Binghuan’s Perspective

Happy New Year! What a year… so many things have happened this year for me… let’s do a recap first…

1) Married the most wonderful companion I could asked for.
2) Got to work in the company that I dream of when I was young
3) Seeing snow for the first time!
4) Purchasing my first car
5) Renting a loft!

Most of it seems to be related to my new job which I am sort of enjoying at the moment, just hate the commute to work sometimes, but I have great colleagues so there isn’t much more then I could ask for out of my job.

And it was this year where I truly realise what a wonderful cook my wife is! It is a relief that at the end of a tiring day, I have hot readymade dinner waiting for me at home. All thanks to my love πŸ™‚

Snow was nothing actually, it was just cold and icy. And the roads will be blocked if there is heavy snow which traps us at home. That sucks although I really like to work from home. lol, hopefully our Earth gets better and there will be less snow here…

I wished I had a better car but decided to save some money and get a car within my means. Not that a Honda Fit is a bad car, but I *might* change a car next year… have to build a good credit history before changing…

The loft is the exciting part! Can you imagine a loft? Something we will not have back in Singapore. At least I don’t think I would pay a huge amount to get it back at Singapore. Then the problem is we need to get some stylo milo furniture and deco to make the loft look cool. Sigh. think we will have to do that slowly…

So that was roughly the exciting year for me, resolutions? Hmmm I hope that I can contribute to my work significantly and hopefully be able to get promoted at the end of year? Quite hard but I will try. Think I need to work hard now especially with the economy looking so gloomy everywhere…

I hope to be able to just enjoy couple hood life with Amanda. Like we are here, with nothing much to worry about and just enjoy our time here like its honeymoon every weekend. More specifically, there are places which we must visit! San Diego Zoo, Disney Land, Yellowstone, San Fran, Los Angeles, New York, Hawaii. Lol mainly all the attractions in the state and even Mexico or South America cities like Argentina or Brazil sounds exciting to me.

I am not going to ask for too much next year as time seems to pass so fast nowadays, I hope my friends and family will still remember me even though I may seem to have neglected them. Been just too tired everyday and the timezone difference is certainly not helping. Just want to tell you (if any of them comes) that I miss everyone back in Singapore.

May all of us have a good year ahead of us and that the world becomes a better place. πŸ™‚

Happy New Year! (amanda’s perspective)

it’s interesting how fast 2008 flies by.. it’s definitely the year which impacted my life the most

1) a real form teacher for a P4 class.. deal with all the sh*t… the boys are notorious… some girls are siao… and one particular girl, S, made my life upside down.. and affected my mental health as well… i’m so glad i didn’t end up in the mental hospital

2) did some ‘projects’ for the school and zonal level.. which means more work on top of teaching.. at least i was appreciated for outstanding effort!

3) Big career switch for BH which resulted in us getting married earlier… well… it feels like i’m getting married to my best friend… and the bonus for this is…… unlimted spending power and holiday for 2 years in a foreign land


guess the above are the 3 main events… it’s simple to jot down in afew words but the process was unbelievably hard and difficult…

i wanna thank these people for making my 2008 so wonderful: (NOT written according to importance)

Family – My father, my mother and my sister for giving me all the help and support i needed. Giving me wonderful suggestions and advice, caring and helping me all the time.. Thank you very much! and i miss u all… esp. mama’s food πŸ™

Binghuan – For planning surprises which did not surprise me! For making the BEST choice in his life by getting married with his best friend.. and for planning and organising most of the wedding details ( from the bridal studio to the honeymoon) Thank you very much for being a wonderful companion and partner!

Friends – Caryn, Felica, YM, Zhihui + many others for your help during the wedding preparations and actual day. Collegues from my *workplace* who had helped and guided me throughout the year.. πŸ™‚ Thank you!

Last but not least, i wanna thank God for overseeing everything that we do.. esp. through our wedding preparations and helping BH through his career advancement… without God’s help, all these would not be possible… Thank you for showing us the “impossible” πŸ™‚


In 2009, I ..

1)DO NOT want to get pregnant

2)DO NOT want to get fat

3)WANT to exercise at least 2X a week

4)WANT to travel around the states(whale watching, san diego zoo, pier 13 sealions)

5)WANT to make better use of my time ( dunno what can i do yet… furthering my studies is just too expensive .. haiz)

5) WANT to cook even better food so that Bh can gain more weight and do even better in his work! (haha… so life-giving!)


2009 must be the happiest year for me! my resolutions seems sooooo ez-going… it’s like I have nothing SOLID to do.. for the 1st time, i feel relaxedl!!! wah!!! i think i’ll find happiness finally… oh well.. even if i were to die today, i will not regret! i have done nearly everything i would have done if i’m alive! and BH and i will be surviving in a foreign land for a full one year! how exciting! πŸ™‚

“i don’t wanna go to school” –> my family will not hear this phrase from me for at least 1 year! haha

Happy New Year to all! Stay healthy and be as happy as a lark! keke.. so primary school!

New phone!

Yeah! BH got me a new phone! ;p It’s a LG INCITE ( dunno if they have this in S’pore) According to my sister, it’s called LG Secret in S’pore..

anyway, here’s my phone!

Well, the main reason y i got this phone, instead of other phones (such as iphone) is because it has a dual clock function! which i thot is sooooo cool! (anyway, this phone was also on 1/2 price, 99USD which is way cheaper than iphone, 199USD)

anyway, BH thot that i’ll get an iphone… so he already bought me an iphone cover… now the cover is sitting at home catching dust.. haha.. who’ll wants an iphone cover, let me know, i’ll ‘reserve’ it for u ;p

BIG announcement: I am contactable anytime anywhere from now onwards with my phone!!! I am using an unlimited data plan.. means I can access my email anytime anywhere!!! juz email me!!!

I took some pics on the way to the Seattle Premium Outlets..

The pic on theΒ  left shows the long freeway we got to take to the outlet mall.. the outlet malls are located quite far.. near Vancouver… and they are MORE chinese shopping than Angmos.. haha.. weird right? outlet malls are not like our sg warehse sale! haha..to my surprise, they are retail shops, juz tt the things are much cheaper!

the pic at the bottom shows cute doggies waiting for their owner at the carpark.. ;p

Have a good day to all!

New Home!

So this is it! The new loft! We are so excited about it! Now we scare our furniture are not up to its standard… lol

We are so happy we had steamboat to celebrate today. πŸ˜€

I told u so!

geez.. BH is nt feeling well.. he’s down with flu! see see!! i told u so!!! luckily, i told a flu jab and bought flu medicine from my doctor before coming.. in the end, BH took my medicine and is resting now… well… being such a sweet and dedicated wife..i cooked porridge for him and gave him 1 day sick leave.. with my BIG and GENEROUS heart… I pardoned him for not doing his ‘chores’ TODAY haha..

so how did BH caught a flu? last night, something exciting happened at our apartment.. at ard 8pm, BH and I were debating who shld go and bathe first.. b4 we cld come to a conclusion… there’s was a loud screeching, annoying siren in our apartment… my first reaction was to look at Jessica, don’t ask me y.. haha.. i was afraid the lights on Jessica would short-circuit and cause fire.. haha.. then the sound seem to come from the laundry rm (weird coz we r nt washing any clothes).. so we opened the door and saw pple evacuating from their apartments… so we quickly took our jackets… and i took my ever ready emergency bag = our passports and cash then went to assemble outside the apartment.. which was FREEZING cold!!! man!!! it was interesting to see how our neighbors seized the opportunities to take photos of the ‘fire’ and the fire engine… hahaha… shortly after, the firemen came… checked and there was nothing… so… after a cold and painful 20mins, we could go up to our apartment… i guess.. that’s when he caught a cold…

conclusion: Living in the US is sooooooo filled with uncertainties… Singapore is definitely safer! haha

anyway, i’m sick too πŸ™ I am soooooooooo sick and tired of snow!!!! argh… snow is no fun at all!!! really hope tt we could drive out tomorrow… coz I HAD RAN OUT OF THINGS TO COOK!!!! and there’s lots of sales going on!!!! believe it or nt.. i still have nt gone to Seattle’s factory Outlet stores!!! πŸ™ BH better recover soon!!!

o.. and i opened my x’mas present from BH.. received an American Eagle cardigan.. Bh was delighted to receive a Celio sweater which i bought from sg.. haha…

Happy Boxing day to all!!

Merrrrrry Kiss-Moooseeeeee!

BH and I took a short trip to vegas on the 20Dec-23Dec.. Prior to our departure date, there were many reports on snow storms and cancellation of flights… I left for the trip with an extremely heavy heart… coz.. i knew that we would be ‘staying’ in the airport for sometime… oh well, BH thought that i was being paranoid again..haha..but it turned out that i was right!

so.. Bh’s friend, Julius drove us to the airport.. even on his 4-wheels drive car, we could feel a ‘skid’ on the road.. super dangerous to drive… it was very sweet of him to risk his life for us! haha …anyway, we reached the airport way b4 time… it was kinda crowded.. coz there were ‘stranded’ passengers from other flights which was cancelled… anyhow, we got to our gate and the flight was badly delayed..with at least 5 gate changes in a span of 2hours? the weather was very bad… the wind was strong… snow was heavy… runway was covered with snow and melted to ice… BUT we still boarded the plane… set down comfortably… then the pilot announced… “Flight Cancelled” We alighted the plane and became one of those ‘stranded’ passengers…

hmmm… we couldnt change our flight as we bought the package (include hotel) at a cheap rate.. changing would incur more cost… we couldn’t go home as the weather was so bad that it’s nt safe to drive… soooooooo…. we tried to ‘rebook’ ourselves on another flight BUT all flights were fully booked… we can only get seats on the 22Dec! we had no choice but to take the risk… so… we put ourselves on standby for the next day 6am flight… we were no. 23-24 on the list of abt 40 pple… i was feeling quite hopeless already..

the next day came slowly.. and we were very tired.. with no proper sleep… however, the weather in seattle was still quite bad… so… many pple didnt turn up for the 6am flight! hahaha…. we got on the flight but seats were separated (nvm.. we juz took it) .. and we finally flew to our destination! (pls get a window seat when flying to vegas.. the view is spectacular! i didnt have a window seat But i sat beside a very nice lady who shared the window with me)

it was only a 2hr flight to vegas.. but this trip took us 17hrs! man… finally reached vegas, took a cab, which was quite cheap (paid 16USD, including tips) ,checked into hotel, washed up and went for a so called ‘pretty good buffet’ at Bellogio ( the Q was super long… nearly died of hunger!) .. buffet was so-so only.. dunno y reviews were soooooooo good…

after we replenished our energy, went for photo-taking around the hotels and casinos.. watched abit of the bellogio musical fountain then went to try our luck at Wynn… which ate up most of our money… oh well…

the next day, we went for the Las Vegas factory outlets… alot of things to buy… spent more money… haha… pple were shopping like it’s free esp. at Coach… but.. i don’t really like anything… hmmm… the only thing i really want was a pair of UGG boots (everyone is wearing them!!!)

well.. UGG boots are really costly too , 130USD a pair… so.. i gt to settle for imitation πŸ™ went to Aldo and bought a similar looking one… haha… you can see it on the Vegas picture gallery below..

after the tiring shopping at the factory outlet ( actually, seattle also have factory outlet what!) we went back to the hotel.. put down our stuff.. and head to Mandalay Bay for MamaMia! wow… we bought the tickets cheap at this booth known as ‘Tix4tonight’ .. better to buy at this booth than online coz you will nv know what will happen to ur flight and it’s cheaper! the seats we got were very good.. the musical was nice as i could sing along with the songs! very glad that i watched the movie 3X and i managed to watch the real musical! however, i must comment that the vocals are nt as gd as i expect πŸ™ would definitely wanna watch MamaMia at New York Broadway!

actually, BH and I toyed with the thought of forgoing out flight back to seattle on the 23dec.. and buy another flight back on the 27dec.. however, we realised that it’s better to spend the money on shopping than to extend the trip… haha..

we would most likely go to Vegas again.. the next time, we hope to go in summer so that we could see the Grand Canyon and the Hoover Dams! ;p