Marina Barrage

My dad kindly brought us + Bambi to Marina Barrage one sunday.. just to have a look

It’s a pretty place and lotsa open spaces for Bambi to ‘bulldoze’ around.. haha

We saw alot of security guards ard… and later MM Lee arrived!

Can u spot him above??

Alot of kites!

Shall stop here today.. heh.. think I blogged like 10 entries in 1 go!


How can any blog post abt SG not include my dearest family??

Got to admit that this trip seem very short and rushed 🙁 I didn’t even taste my fave chicken rice my mum cooked neither did I mk a trip to Beach Rd to eat my fave Char Kway Teow

I was super glad that my mum stopped work for the 2 weeks and she lovingly prepared lunch for me. It’s simple cooking for her BUT it’s probably the most sumptuous lunch I had ever had in the past 2 yrs!!!

Visited my grandpa – I was very sad when I see him… my tears can’t stop flowing.. he looked skinnier and weaker than before 🙁 I just don’t wanna think of the worst

Now our family photo always have Bambi in it.. heh

Found this pic on my camera and I thought we ( including Bambi) look quite good!

The journey to SG

13 Oct

We set off from our Seattle apt en route to SG. I was going home with a very heavy heart ( as you can read from my previous entries)

Reached the airport – tried to checked in to only realised that our luggages were overloaded. Sigh.. like some maniacs, we tried to repack our luggages to even out the load. Mental note: For US flights , 2 check-in baggages (<= 23KG) for each person. Cabin luggage <= 17KG Ok.. so with alot of F-words, we managed to checked in our luggage w/o paying the overload charge. Thank God! We took Asiana from SEA > ICN. It was an uncomfy flight as I have no idea why it was so hot and stuffy!!! BH was pretty upset that the entertainment system were not on-demand

After abt 10 hrs, we reached ICN. Asiana arranged for a FREE layover hotel ( include airport transfers + meals) as our next flight was the next afternoon..nono.. we are not on business class.. It’s just a service Asiana provide! Not bad I would say!

Bi-bim-bab served on the flight

Free stay at Hotel – not the BEST hotel BUT good enough

Free day tour at Dragon Palace Temple

Flight to ICN > SEA was way better. At least the entertainment system was on demand. haha…

when we reached SG – our family were waving frantically at us at the arrival terminal while we waited for our luggage. Now I know how animals in the zoo felt ( esp. the polar bears)

The best thing… the feud between my sis and I disappeared when we shared a Chocolate Ice Blended from Coffee Beans. haha..