Valuable asset

I have been busy for the past weeks.. I think I’ll still be busy in the coming week.. need to pack and all.. well, I am looking forward to go back to SG but I’m not looking forward to leave BH behind 🙁 I think I’m gonna miss him badly especially when I see our new home, it was supposed to be our dream home.. I mean.. we planned our life in SG BUT with God’s blessing, BH is relocated here.. I still believe God have a beatiful plan for us.. maybe it’s just unfolding slowly , not how I envisioned it to be

While I look forward to the reno, did research and get excited to seek BH’s opinion, BH is reluctant and somewhat reserved to talk about it. We hardly have any disagreements.. BUT the topic of our home in SG just stirs up a whole lot of bad emotions – we always end up being upset with each other. THIS doesn’t happen when we plan our wedding.. Then I know.. BH just isn’t into our SG home anymore … ahh… it hurts because I always wanted a home to call our home.. not with anyone else but with him

Facebook is gives you insights into other pple’s lives… and that’s when u realised that how this and that person is married.. having their 1st or even 2nd child… how she/he is preparing for their new home together… that’s when I realised that though I’m married, I AM NOT SETTLED – He’s here and I NEED to be there. No, we are not talking about having kids.. but the very thought of having a dog is difficult too.. I don’t regret coming here.. I don’t regret getting married… Just regretted how I signed my life away

So, just like the GE. I wanna mk my presence felt. I have been trying to be a 101% good wife. I want to be a valuable asset, not a liability. I hope that he’ll just think of me fondly when I’m gone.

oh well… till then… next entry? maybe when i’m in SG.. I wanna blog happy thoughts…

It’s 9 years!

Shortly after our birthdays, it’s our 9 years anniversary! haha..It’s amazing how time flies.. I mean.. i don’t even think that BH and I will go this far… BUT we did!! 😀 ok… I still rem the times I felt soooooooooo embarassed that I had such a ‘useless’ boyfriend.. who have NOTHING NOTHING at all and is as poor ( or even poorer than) as a church mice.. glad we are past that phrase… and how I persevered and believed..

anyhow, we didn’t celebrate…in fact, we went grocery shopping and bought some new ingredients because I wanted to cook NEW things.. haha… so on sunday, I cooked while BH played games!!!

Sneak peak of my yummy food – can you guess what I cooked? haha…

I promised I will update my food blog with recipes soon… I had been cooking.. taking pictures BUT not updating it 🙁 Heh..I deliberately made the above FOOD extra spicy to ‘punish’ BH for ‘enjoying himself’ as I worked in the kitchen… In the end, he finished the food and had a tummyache! I was DELIGHTED.. haha.. think I’m a sadist!

Because I’m back to the ‘FREE’ me again… it’s time to catch up with things I love doing… 🙂

I was in the mood for Scrapbooking – yes, I am still working on our wedding photos…

On friday, I spent the whole afternoon scrapbooking… then I realised that I had no time to prepare dinner. Heng ah.. found a FREE pizza code and ordered pizza and buffalo wings for dinner.. Invited WQ over to help eat the pizza… heh.. and it was all gone in a spilt second! v good… I don’t like leftovers!

AND… my BABY-G reached me on saturday, on our 9 years anniversary!! yay!!! 😀
Super happy! I know it’s just a watch but to me it was like a childhood dream came true! ok… so now.. i feel so KE$HA!! (Changed my mixpod music for the effect!) wahaha

Happy weekend! 🙂 Hope u had a good one too!

101 Reasons to Get (and Stay!) Married

Chanced upon this article here

Some points are rubbish! But other points (which I BOLD are kinda true)

haha…just a few wks before.. BH and I were dining at a cafe, while waiting for our food to come and thinking about the move and to break the silence I asked BH “Do you realised that we always do stupid things together? ” then BH went ” haha.. ya!”

“What’s the MOST stupid thing we did together?” I asked ( and already knew the answer)

“The MOST stupid thing we ever did together is to GET MARRIED! ” BH replied

“BINGO!!!” I’m not surprised! heh… and we still like to do stupid things like this…

“Eh… how many of these reasons you agree with ah?”

1. You have an excuse to throw one heck of a party.

2. You get the thrill of trying to hide gifts from your partner (and surprising them with those gifts!)
Only for the 1st yr… we don’t bother now… if there’s a gift…we are happy liaoz..

3. If you buy something yummy, you can have fun feeding it to each other.

4. You end up with twice as much awesome stuff in your house to enjoy.
That’s the prob!!! Mks moving difficult!

5. You can work on projects, arts and crafts together.
and we end up having ‘projects’ 1/2 way done and imcomplete for months!

6. You don’t have to watch movies at the theater all by yourself.
watch movie at home

7. You suddenly have an excuse to move to a bigger place.

8. You have a reason to eat healthier.

9. You have a reason to spend your nights doing something other than surfing for porn.
Playing NBA???

10. You don’t have to be bitter about Valentine’s Day anymore.

11. Your family gets bigger.
Not a good reason… esp if u don’t like the other side of the family?

12. You have someone to take roadtrips with.

13. You have someone to explore the world with.

14. You have a reason to keep from letting your messes get out of control.

15. You have someone to share your dreams and fantasies with.

16. You can listen to each other’s problems and help each other through them.

17. You have someone else to consider before you make any rash, crazy or destructive decisions.

18. You have someone to enjoy your music with.

19. Nothing cures headaches like a good orgasm.

20. There are religious benefits, if you’re into that sort of thing.

21. The group of friends you hang out with gets bigger (even if just by one person!)

22. Suddenly, you have someone who will share a pizza with you at 3am.

23. You can have a beer with someone other than your friends.

24. Your friends don’t have to listen to your complaints about being single anymore.

25. You have someone to read with (or to!)
like this silly article!

26. You have someone who will catch you if you fall.

27. You can learn to compromise.

28. You can learn to listen and be understanding.

29. You have an excuse to write love poetry (and leave it for your partner to find.)

30. You have someone you can kiss until the sun rises (and wait up for the dawn with.)

31. You have someone to talk about your past with.

32. You don’t have to sleep alone (or cuddle your pillow)

33. You can teach each other things (other than just patience)

34. You don’t have to self-shoot your profile pictures anymore.

35. That whole “just friends with benefits” thing? Yeah, never worked for me.

36. You don’t have to go out or pay for massages anymore.

37. Suddenly you can get hugs pretty much whenever you need them.

38. You don’t have to worry about being called a cat lady (or a terminal bachelor!)

39. You have an excuse to cook something more healthy (and more substantial) than just a frozen burrito.

40. You have someone to celebrate your successes with.

41. You have someone rooting for you to succeed.

42. You have someone to stand by you during the hard times.

43. Suddenly you have someone other than your pet who you get to buy surprises for.

44. You have an excuse to keep yourself in shape.

45. Married people are happier on average anyway.

46. You don’t have to go into adult shops alone (or feel creepy doing it)

47. You have someone to share a nice, romantic candle-lit bath with.

48. There are no problems, only solutions.

49. You don’t have to keep your deepest secrets bottled up inside anymore.

50. You have someone (besides your mom) to make stuff for.

51. You don’t have to travel alone anymore.

52. Someone besides you actually cares how your day went.

53. You have someone to dance with.

54. Together, you can do anything.

55. Romantic songs start to make you happy (instead of sad or angry.)

56. You have someone to hold (or who will hold you) when things get really hard.

57. You have someone to protect (or who will protect you) when faced with danger.

58. You have somewhere else to be (when you can’t wait to get out of some situation or another.)

59. You get an awesome excuse to wear an awesome ring.

60. You have an excuse to celebrate holidays even when your family isn’t anywhere nearby.

61. You have an excuse to create new traditions.

62. If you learn a new language together, you have someone to practice it with.

63. You have someone you can be silly with who won’t judge you for it.

64. You have an excuse to be a lady (or a gentleman)

65. You can do cute things (like calling a radio station you know your partner is listening to and dedicate a song to them.)

66. You have someone else’s hair to play with other than your own.

67. You have a good reason to stay positive and not be a downer.

68. You have an excuse to wake someone up with kisses.

67. You have someone to remind you of all the things you have to be grateful for.

68. You have someone you can be yourself around (instead of feeling like you always have to fit in.)

69. You have someone else who believes in your dreams and your ability to succeed.

70. You don’t have to brave the dating scene anymore (or risk ending up in a relationship with someone who is totally nuts!)

71. You can throw away that tattered memo on your desk that says “Stay strong! Stay single as long as you can!”

72. You have someone who is willing to wash your back for you.

73. A good relationship is like a cushion of air that lifts you up and keeps you flying all day long.

74. You can live all the really juicy (and dangerous) stories vicariously through your single friends instead of first hand.

75. Any children you have will have more than one person to take care of them (and for them to look up to)

76. You have someone you can be eccentric or artistic with.

77. Say goodbye to heartache, dumping, and being dumped.

78. Love is a powerful armor for your self esteem.

79. You have two brains full of knowledge to draw from in a given situation (instead of just one.)

80. You have an excuse not to spend your whole life working.

81. You have someone to come home to (or who can come home to you.)

82. Happy people (i.e. people in good relationships!) are less likely to spend all their money on things they don’t need.

83. It gives your grandparents something grand to be happy about.

84. Telling someone you want to spend your life with them (and them alone) is a powerful way to say “I love you.”

85. You don’t have to clean alone.

86. It’s easier to spot cool things in stores – – two sets of eyes!

87. Suddenly there is someone (other than your mom) who appreciates your art.

88. You get the wonderful boost of a kiss on the way out the door.

89. You have someone to call you on it (or warn you) when you make a bad judgement.

90. You have someone to try new foods with (and cook with!)

91. You get to take time off from work for your honeymoon.

92. Happiness is infectious.

93. You get to enjoy the small things, like watching how your partner dresses themselves.

94. You can experience the wonderful dualism of a partnership.

95. It is easier to see your own shortcomings through the eyes of another.

96. Suddenly, you have a reason not to walk away from it all.

97. If your work schedules are different, there’s almost always someone home (and that makes for a safer house!)

98. You can make it romantic and get remarried over and over again.

99. You have a constant companion who you can walk with, run with and enjoy life with.

100. Suddenly you have proof that happy endings really do happen (and they’re just the beginning!)

101. Suddenly, there is someone in your life who makes you really and genuinely want to be a better person.


I’m blessed 🙂

The qn is…. for how long????

New home

Some pictures of our humble place 🙂 I think we can never get tired of decorating our home.. haha..

I really can’t wait for a real place we call our own… a place we know we are here for good and never need to move again..

The exterior – Picture courtesy of WQ

Cool clock which BH insisted on buying ( to replace our pathetic Ikea clock)

The lovely kitchen which we both love!


Workspace + Living area

Super cute decals .. mks me happy just looking at them!

Effiel Tower and BooBoo says ‘Woof!’
I’m loving this green rug.. looks like grass!

That’s all… other parts are still too messy to be pictured :X and we are still awaiting somemore cool items in the mail!

We are homeowners now!

BH’s sis and my sis collected keys on behalf of us! well.. I was so hoping to be there 🙁

Some pictures which BH’s sis sent us –

Our private door

Love the place with lots of natural light!

ugly toilet

Tell me.. how can I bear to rent it out.. it’s so new… and almost perfect (except for the ugly bathroom tiles)!!

looking for everlasting rainbow

not looking forward to move 🙁 This time we are getting movers… yes.. decided not to torture ourselves anymore. So, the new place is bigger. However, I just feel that there might not be enough place to put all our things .. ok.. fine.. I like things to be neat and tidy.. I don’t like clutters .. I want everything to look good in its place.. I’m such a weirdo right!! 🙁 I want everything to be prefect… We actually went down to the new apartment to take measurements and try to visualise where everything shld be… sigh… not as ‘prefect’ as we I thought

down to packing… I only packed like 5 boxes yesterday 🙁 packing is such a pain… and I still have alot more to go

I’m not only a ‘perfectionist’ , I’m also an idealist. I was reading some of my older blog entries and I realised that I have unknowingly typed “I always thought…” This shows that I have expectations of myself which give me unnecessary stress 🙁 We(how i wish!) BH’s sister will be collecting our HDB keys for us in a few days time… I always thought we will be doing it ourselves 🙁 I feel sad that we have to miss out on the experience. The very pt that i’m going back earlier is to do some minor reno of ‘our home’. I’m disapted that BH will not be ard during this process.. because.. I always thought we’ll do this together

I like doing things together so much that I always wanna be a lower primary teacher BUT i just didn’t have the chance 🙁 oh well, that’s besides the pt… then BH was like saying that this flat is a small thing and it doesn’t matter… which mks me even more hurt. I waited so long for this and now when it’s here… I can’t mk it as perfect as I want it to be 🙁 Because of the situation we are in, our pespective is different now

Now I wish I’m always having PMS – at least I can ‘blame’ my strange mood on it

AG: Tell me.. when is everything’s gonna be perfect?
BH: Give me a few more years.. be patient.. it’s gonna be prefect!

How I wish.. I have that few more years 🙁 and for now.. I have to live in the shadow of the mistake which happened about 10 years ago

It’s 2011!

On the last day of 2010, I saw the most beautiful sunrise ever 🙂

The first few seconds of 2011, I saw pretty fireworks at the Space Needle

I always thought Seattle was beautiful BUT Seattle just got MORE beautiful as the years goes by… next mth, we’ll be moving to Redmond, so we probably won’t have this kinda view anymore… sigh… given a choice, we won’t have moved… BUT we really needed to save the extra bucks 🙁

I always believed in making resolutions every year and fulfilling them… then I guess.. resolutions don’t matter… it’s how I live my life.. I may be poor but at least… I’m happy… and I wanna continue to be happy!

In 2010, is a year of ups and downs… Behind my mostly happy blog entries, I shed many tears of regret, fear and sorrow. BH and I had been saving and working v hard to give me my freedom .. I think I did quite well in the saving money part last yr – I get freebies and participated in giveaways to the best of my abilities… I cook most of the time… BH gets lunchbox to work nearly everyday… we love travelling but cut down to save the $ ..Really hope that the sacrifices we make now will bear fruit in near future…

2011 just started and I could feel the stress financially 🙁 I really hope the financal part of our life will not affect our relationship… wish us luck! Saving money will be my ONLY goal for this year !

not many pple read my blog BUT those who does… I know u all will have a better year than me 🙂 Happy 2011 and best wishes to all!

Greetings from Seattle

(No Bambi.. BUT we’ve Bully!)

It’s our 3rd X’mas together over in the US of A.. loving it 🙂 It’s wet and cold outside and we are glad that it isn’t snowing! heh.. weird isn’t it?

Have fun all! I’ll blog soon!

Thanksgiving weekend

Because of the snow.. BH had a v long weekend. While he worked at home, I had to be the maid – preparing his meals. hmmm.. I still like him at work then I can do whatever I like.. keke.. he’s ‘spying’ on me when he’s home :X

anyway, BH was working and checking on deals.. geez.. he didn’t lay a finger to help at all.. I was super busy and at the end of the day.. tired

so I made Sausage Croissant for snacks one afternoon. Played cheat.. used the ready-made dough..

Impressed that the dough already had triangles on them.. so just roll in the sauages and put in the the oven

surprisingly.. they taste good!!

Only 3 left as the rest were in our tummy!!!

For Thanksgiving dinner.. instead of Turkey, I roasted a chicken and cooked Mee Siam… how Singaporean is that! haha

Julius came over for dinner… pardon me looking so shag.. it was a long day preparing food without help.. boo

On Black Friday itself, we went to Vancouver with Julius and friends – it was raining.. so sianz.. didn’t do much.. it was a eating trip.. and I think i gained a whole lot of weight already!


The next day.. BH and I went to get ourselves the WINDOWS PHONE and we saw a notebook on super duper sales so we bought it! It’s probably the most geeky day ever for us .. haha

Beanie came Free with our phone… hehe.. looks good??

If you think iphone is cool… u need to try the WINDOWS PHONE! It’s way cooler! haha… and I’m loving FOTOCHOP app.. Other than that, I’m loving the overall look and simplicity of the device 🙂 At least, I don’t feel overwhelmed by looking at so many buttons/icons .. loving it!

The 1st thing I did was to put Bambi as my screensaver 😀 Happy that I could have all my fave things in 1 place

Bambi mks me smile.. though she can be very naughty.. oh well.. shh.. got her X’mas gifts already!! Can’t wait to send home!!

Okok.. BH & I also went shopping for X’mas deco and tree!!! We didn’t deco ur place last yr coz we were moving.. this yr… we are going to! Excited!!! Will show pics soon!

Parting is such sweet sorrow

I think the quote above is sooooooo overused by me.. but.. parting was indeed sweet sorrow!Sweet as in BH and I can’t wait to be back to our usual routine but on the other hand, we’ll miss our family and friends

Our families met up at Dian Xiao Er T3 for dinner. My sis rushed down from work – there was some screw up with her company’s shuttle bus so she took a cab down ( which was v ex considering it’s peak hr!) I was v touched! If you know my sis..  she’s quite good at entertaining guests! I know that it must be super weird for her to talk and entertain my in-laws ( who are quiet pple) BUT she did it awefully well! I mean.. it’ll be soooo weird if the dinner table is very quiet! At least for my family, it’s nv quiet when we are together and food is always MORE than enuff.. that’s what I miss abt home.. my home!

I had a wonderful time catching up with my family in SG, even when my sis is working shifts , and is hardly ard during weekends. I guess we mk up on her off days. This time she drove us ard instead of I drive her ard 🙂 She’s grown up!!! 

Erm.. with BH’s family – it was offence but i don’t feel comfy with his family some how.. their family is very much more reserved.. v v different from my family! I sure hope that MY OWN family is the open type – you know.. those talk alot and laugh out loud type… I attended BH’s extended family’s dinner and I thought of getting to know his relatives personally – his cousins actually said ” iyah.. no need to know our names.. just call us no. 1 , no. 2 and no. 3″ I was like WTF??!! I was being friendly… it’s so different from my own family 🙁

ok.. so.. finally, it was time for us to go into the gate.. i gave my family and dear friends a tight hug.. thanked BH’s mum for buying stuff for us .. held back my tears.. u know.. i’m quite a emotional person.. ohh.. my mum looked so tearful!! 🙁  Crossed the customs, waved our goodbyes.. till 6 mths later!

Bye SG, Hello Tofu-land!