Las Vegas 2013

Bing and I will make it a point to go to Vegas yearly ( I didn’t go last year) Well.. we usually go to Vegas because we have a good deal. We started planning for this trip late last year and was looking forward to it. It’s such a bummer that I was ill half the time πŸ™ I was also worried about the disgusting silverfish problem we have at home.

It ought be be such an enjoyable trip.. since we managed to get everything ( flight, hotel, food, show) for FREE!!! I just did not have as much fun as I thought I would πŸ™

28-30 April


Mirage is a so-so hotel. The rooms are very nice and looks updated. However, the walls are very thin. You can hear people talking/yelling along the corridor.

The weather was really good when we were there. Vegas is beautiful. It’s warm ( not hot) but I was cold most of the time πŸ™view

Our first complimentary meal worth $150 was at a rather posh restaurant, Steakhouse At Camelot – Excalibur

The food was not bad considering that it’s FREE! Would love some alcohol but I was not feeling well πŸ™


Had my best steak ever. This cut, Filet Mignon is indeed the King of steaks.. so tender and flavorful! Totally forgot about taking pics of BH’s steak as it came later .. haha

After dinner.. I felt sooo bad that I went back to the hotel room to sleep. Of course, BH went to the casinos!

The next day.. I felt a little better… we went to Bellagio for brunch buffet! Food was good BUT buffet isn’t good for me because I don’t eat THAT much..


Walked around Vegas.. and spotted this really interesting chapel, Pop Up wedding Chapel at CosmopolitanΒ  – Can consider this in future! Vows renewal maybe?


Walked to Aria and ate the most delightful cakes at Jean Philippe.. omg.. the best so far… I want more!!


Now… the highlight of the trip…..

Before we watched Terry Fator , which is amazing by the way.. we decided to play some slots… and….

clueI didn’t have a CLUE … don’t even know what I was playing for… I only had $6 left… and I suddenly won the progressive jackpot of $221 for solving the mystery!! wah!!! πŸ˜€ BH lost all our winnings at Blackjack later though πŸ™

Talking about slot machines, I also saw a Corgi! How cute!


dinner was at Nine Fine Irishmen at NYNY Β Their Chicken pot pie is super HUGE and delicious!


The next morning… we had more food again… It was Delights @ MGM grand The food was really good! Love such breakfast. The $50 voucher was so worth it. we even had enoughΒ  for us to takeaway sandwiches for our flight home πŸ™‚



As you can see… this trip…we ate MORE than we should.. I was soooo full…. Wish I was feeling better then :/ Vegas.. till we meet again… Hope it’s soon!!


Living in a painting: Gas Works Park

March 9

Prior to my Gas Works Park painting.. we have NEVER visited this place before!

Beautiful isn’t it? Though it’s pretty sunny.. it’s still chilly

Really regretted not knowing about this place earlier.. as it’s a great place to bring visiting friends.

People walk their dogs here too and there were also a couple of people flying kites! Feels like a Marina Bay

I was hoping to meet a corgi and I did!


Riley the corgi is soooo adorable… But really camera shy πŸ™ This is when BH and I felt that we want a dog to enjoy the day with..


Last but not least… let’s do a comparison of the real place and my painting… haha


Seee…. not 3 sausages hugging each other right? hehehe..

A Saturday well spent πŸ™‚

Painting-Gas works Park

17 Feb

My friends and I had a girls’ paint day at Palettes and Pairings again πŸ™‚ It’s always fun to do such activities together.

The class started at 12 noon and we only left the place at about 4.30pm! This painting is intense – advanced level I would say!


Of course, while the girls paint.. the guys had their own ‘boring’ activity. haha..

Here’s the final result


My painting is full of flaws.. you just don’t see it on the photos. Anyway, I showed this to my sister and she was like “what is this? 3 sausages hugging each other?” hahahaha…. NOoooooo

This place is real! Shall blog about it in another post πŸ™‚

Here’s a group picture of the class…. now… you can see everybody’s painting is different! πŸ˜€


Mayday concert Part 3b

We went to MAYDAY CONCERT IN LA πŸ˜€ The reason for our LA trip, is this concert!


The concert venue was filled with asians – all kinds. They are mostly college students – very young. haha.. That’s when BH and I felt that we had aged ALOT.

Mayday bought back many nice memories for us. When we were dating, BH would play the guitar and i would sing along.. then we will record our singing sessions. haha.. it was really silly but very fun! I had gone to several Mayday concerts ( mostly with my sis in Singapore and HK) BUT it’s our first Mayday concert together! I still think that going to a concert is a waste of money.. haha.. if it’s not to accompany someone, I don’t think I’ll go – I can just listen to them on youtube right?!

Anyway, the concert usually have a storyline. This time round, they had Jerry Yan to be one of the characters in the short ‘movie’ wow! I like Jerry yan!! It was sooooo fated! hehehe… we had good seats too- front seats at the balcony with nobody obstructing our views!

We enjoyed the concert but felt abit lost .. haha. need my sis to explain their inside jokes. The songs they sang this time round were more emo and slow , not the fast& jumping type. I was feeling sad about an incident that happened to our friend – I guess, the songs kind of catered to my feelings

oh.. they also had a guest appearance – It was Rene Liu! so nice to hear her sing after soooo long


We bought the light sticks for US$8 each. Expensive… BUT the colours of the light sticks are centrally controlled – you will see a sea of blue or red or green at the same time! WOW!! Super cool!

Concert ended without much encore :/ It was still a good feeling to listen to chinese music in a western country πŸ™‚

Our concert tix came with free CD!! Super precious – hard to buy chinese CD here… hahaha.. BH had been listening to it in the car..


To be continued…..


Ok.. My loving husband bought me an iPad for Xmas but I have been contemplating if I should keep it or not.

Finally, I unboxed it yesterday… Yes.. U read it right.. I only opened my present 2 weeks after christmas πŸ™‚

Everything is good so far… Just that its kinda like my first experience with Apple product.. And it just occurred to me that I have no one to FaceTime with!!! Hahaha

Our first pic with the ipad… Bad quality :/

Disneyworld – Day 5 & 7 Epcot + Downtown Disney

19 & 21 Nov

Going to Epcot is like traveling around the world! You get to visit Morocco, Japan, Paris, Germany, China etc. How Fun!

You know theme park food are mostly yucky… but we thought that the food at Epcot was not that bad. Our fave was Japanese food! haha..

The good thing about Epcot is.. we could get FREE printout of 1 picture each day when we show our Chase Disney debit card πŸ™‚ That’s y we went to Epcot for 2 seperate days

hmmm… Epcot is a nice relaxing place…I just had no idea why we didn’t take much pics :/

ok.. moving on… We went to Downtown Disney on our last night..

It’s a huge place.. so do allocate time for this. Our intention was to go there for dinner… and we ended up at Planet Hollywood. It was super crowded and noisy – food was meh.. and once again.. I needed to have the cocktail served in disco lights cup πŸ˜€ There’s also a HUGE Disney store ! You can buy almost anything u saw inside the Disney theme parks here.. nah.. I didn’t buy anything , only 2 small gifts for our friend’s kids

Yup… I think this sums up our trip to Disney world! We left the magical place the next morning…flew out of Orlando.. transited at Washington DC where we got stuck for 2 hours due to plane maintenance…

Nevertheless… It was an awesome trip!!! Till we meet again!!!


Christmas 2012

We went to 2 friends’ place for potluck party. I spent alot of time in the kitchen preparing food.. it was fun to spend Christmas with friends….however… with a big group, we had no choice but to play ‘Mafia’ – a game I have a love-hate relationship with. Maybe it was PMS or it’s just me being tired and grumpy – we left the party before X’mas as I was too irritated getting accused of being the Mafia almost every single time. Yes it’s a game but I am such a delicate creature you know.

the first few minutes of Christmas was spent in a lift (as we are returning home), sharing cookies with strangers who happened to be in the lift as us. haha… not too bad.. at least we gave and share on Christmas day!

No pictures of the party as nobody is keen in taking photos and I didn’t bring my camera :/

I think Christmas spent by ourselves is still waaaaaaaaaaaaay better

*hides in my shell*

Disneyworld – Day 6 Magic Kingdom again

[Will blog Day 5 & 7 together.. fast forward to Day 6 first]

20 Nov

I figured out that if you are celebrating a special occasion on a Disneyland trip, it’s better to go when it’s your 4th- example, 4th birthday, 4th anniversary! The characters are pretty excited when we told them that we are celebrating our 4th wedding anniversary! hahaha it’s kinda like a white lie (anniversary was in September) but I just wanna wear that badge and be extra special πŸ˜€

Turns out that it’s worth it to openly declare that we are celebrating our wedding anniversary!!! the crew members congratulate us… the characters congratulate us… the cutest part was.. the characters showed their hands and counted – that’s when i discovered that most of them have 4 fingers (Mickey, chip, dale) !!!! That’s y i think going to Disney to celebrate the 4th of something is a good idea! You will see Chip counting his fingers in one of the pics below .. how adorable!

It was the soft opening of the NEW Fantasyland!!

We made reservations at the new restaurant – Be Our Guest (Beast’s and Belle’s castle) For Disney dinning, u need reserve many months before or u won’t get a table. It’s our 1st and only sit down/full service Disney dining in this trip

Love the deco.. it's so real! FYI, the prince's pic will change to beast every 8 mins or so πŸ™‚

Food was good – considering that we had bad food for the past few days. The dishes served were French inspired. I had seafood pot pie while BH had steak

When it’s time for dessert, the server would push the cart to u so that u can have your pick! Cool!!!

After we paid and exit… we met BEAST!!! It was probably the only character that we don’t have to line up for a long time!!!

Not a good pic of us BUT BEAST is majestic! Now I know how Belle fell in love with him.. such a gentle giant!

After dinner, we headed to a new attraction “Belle’s Tales” It’s an interactive story-telling session with Belle. The crew members picked some participants.. and BH was picked!!! OMG!! I was soooo excited!!!! hahaha.. I mean.. of so many people he was picked!!! see… the beauty of the ‘we are celebrating’ badge!!!! πŸ™‚

Bing’s role was Belle’s knight!! everybody say “WAH!!” hehehe

It was such a awesome experience!!!! Something I will nv forget!!

Love how the castle changes at night… very pretty!! very magical!! I know.. I used the word ‘magical’ many times.. but it really is!! this time round, we didn’t take much pics of the fireworks.. decided that we shld just enjoy and rem it in our heads instead πŸ™‚

Just one last look…..

USS – Day 4 The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Feeling down today… so decided to blog.. looking at these happy pictures, put my worries away for awhile..

18 Nov

We did not rent a car.. we booked Mears Transport Shuttle to bring us from Disney to USS Orlando – US$19/person round trip. This shuttle is quite good – ez to book, no need credit card, pay by cash to the driver – no complains.. just that it’s a shuttle, so it will mk stops at different places to drop/pickup people

Most of the people who go to USS are headed to Harry Potter Land (HPL) . OMG! It’s soooo crowded… we also zoomed to HPL BUT can’t help and got distracted by Dr Seuss.. haha

HPL is way inside… so it’s a walk… Finally…

It’s really a world of it’s own! No.. I am no HP fan.. BUT it sure feels like I’m in Hogwarts.. many people were holding wands and wearing long robes!

I feel so spoiled by Disney… because there’s no photographers here to take pictures for us… blah… their photopass pictures cannot be seen online πŸ™ Most of our pics were taken by not very pro tourists

Places were very nicely constructed.. just like real! However, we felt that their organization for taking the rides was messy! Of course, we took the superb simulator ride.. OMG..probably the best I had ever taken.. took it twice! the line was super long…. no… I didn’t dare to take Dragon’s Challenge. haha

The above pic is an example of a photo taken by a tourist.. haha.. he really took a picture of us ( and not with the castle) sigh….ok.. try again… our self taken shot…

Much better! A front facing camera is so important!

Things at HPL is soooooo expensive.. I left the place with NO souvenirs ( except the pumpkin juice bottle)

Butterbeer is NOT alcohol. It is root beer with marshmallows…it’s sweet BUT really nice… very sinful drink. Pumpkin juice on the other hand is kinda sour-sweet? acquired taste I would say..

Had lunch at 3 broomsticks (a cafe inside HPL).. food was ok…We didn’t take pictures of the food as there was nothing special… walk around in the other parts of USS

Took a few more silly rides.. ( does not include roller coaster.. I was just too scared…)

o…. we found this funny! hahaha…

Dinosaurs drinking coke! I think I know why dinosaurs are extinct..They drank too much coke! hahaha

Had dinner at Bubba Gump for the first time!

Food was decent.. BUt our server was super nice.. we ordered a drink which was served in a normal cup. I told her that I like the cup with dancing lights.. and she packed us 1 to bring home! πŸ™‚

After a filling dinner… we headed back to our hotel… we changed hotel on this day too!!!

New resort: Art of Animation

I always wanted to stay in a Disney Theme hotel.. so glad that BH made my wish come true!!! I feel like a princess!! hahaha.. Disney moved our stuff from the 1st hotel to this one… MAGIC! Bags were already in our room when we open the door πŸ™‚

Once door is opened.. it’s a huge WOW!!! The place is so new and clean.. There’s a ‘new’ smell too!! Super happy (to have a change esp when I saw a living cockroach in our room at the other resort) !!

Shall end this entry with a sign I saw at USS – Seuss landing….

Time to THINK UP now….


How much are you worth?

[Random thoughts]

Since BH and I had relocated here, my parents are helping us to collect our letters. My sister would then take pictures and inform us of the letters we received.

One day, she send me a shot ofΒ  BH’s insurance policy. I took a quick look and giggled at how insurance companies put a value to one’s life. I saw that BH’s life was valued at $X amount. I felt a little sad..why?

1) If something happens to BH.. I will only get $X! So little!!! “Lu gi” leh…

2) Insurance company is not God … who are they to put a monetary value to our lives right?

sigh… then’s a dog-eat-dog world.. you pay more premium you are worth more.. money talks. Who cares if you are a good person?

I told my sis about what I suddenly realised…

Sis: Now then u know! I am worth more dead than alive!

hahaha… so sad….

When BH knew how much he’s worth.. he’s like…

BH: I am worth more alive than dead!

Now… I wonder how much I’m worth…

I think I’m worth more not working than when I’m working.. heh