Thanksgiving weekend

Because of the snow.. BH had a v long weekend. While he worked at home, I had to be the maid – preparing his meals. hmmm.. I still like him at work then I can do whatever I like.. keke.. he’s ‘spying’ on me when he’s home :X

anyway, BH was working and checking on deals.. geez.. he didn’t lay a finger to help at all.. I was super busy and at the end of the day.. tired

so I made Sausage Croissant for snacks one afternoon. Played cheat.. used the ready-made dough..

Impressed that the dough already had triangles on them.. so just roll in the sauages and put in the the oven

surprisingly.. they taste good!!

Only 3 left as the rest were in our tummy!!!

For Thanksgiving dinner.. instead of Turkey, I roasted a chicken and cooked Mee Siam… how Singaporean is that! haha

Julius came over for dinner… pardon me looking so shag.. it was a long day preparing food without help.. boo

On Black Friday itself, we went to Vancouver with Julius and friends – it was raining.. so sianz.. didn’t do much.. it was a eating trip.. and I think i gained a whole lot of weight already!


The next day.. BH and I went to get ourselves the WINDOWS PHONE and we saw a notebook on super duper sales so we bought it! It’s probably the most geeky day ever for us .. haha

Beanie came Free with our phone… hehe.. looks good??

If you think iphone is cool… u need to try the WINDOWS PHONE! It’s way cooler! haha… and I’m loving FOTOCHOP app.. Other than that, I’m loving the overall look and simplicity of the device 🙂 At least, I don’t feel overwhelmed by looking at so many buttons/icons .. loving it!

The 1st thing I did was to put Bambi as my screensaver 😀 Happy that I could have all my fave things in 1 place

Bambi mks me smile.. though she can be very naughty.. oh well.. shh.. got her X’mas gifts already!! Can’t wait to send home!!

Okok.. BH & I also went shopping for X’mas deco and tree!!! We didn’t deco ur place last yr coz we were moving.. this yr… we are going to! Excited!!! Will show pics soon!

Kinect weekend!

This weekend is probably one of the most fun weekend ever!

On Sat. , we went to BH’s collegue’s place for Kinect party!! 😀 hang out and played the Kinect games – Adventures!! So cool!! Love playing 20,000 leaks!! oh.. i was too shy to try out the dancing game on BH’s collegue’s Kinect though 🙁

On Sunday, we met up with Julius for dinner at Din Tai Feng. This is the FIRST + 1 and ONLY Din Tai Feng in Seattle. Oh yes.. the wait was horrible… it took us 3hrs to get a table!!! :O Food is nt as nice as the one in SG …

ok.. This card shows u have to eat the xiao long bao! hehe… interesting!!

After the delicious treat from Julius, we went to his home for…. KINECT!!! o… and I got to tell you.. BH really can dance!! ok fine.. i think i m just bad with coordinating my arms and legs! anyway, BH is GREAT with the dancing games!! woohoo!! keke.. will try to record it down next time!!

Here’s a pic of us playing Kinect Adventure!

Kinect made me feel that Machines are ALIVE!!

That’s not it!! Came home.. checked our letter box and I got this!!

YES!! Won this in a giveaway!! 😀


I really wanted to rem how BH re-proposed to me – heh.. I don’t wanna keep repeating it BUT that’s probably the NO. 1 HIGHLIGHT of my r/s with BH.. 6eptember can’t top it… seriously… ( btw..we don’t even have an album of the actual day wedding photos!)

anyway, I saw a deal on photobooks and I went for it right away – it was FREE shipping + 50% discount .. so I created a mini memory book ( cheapest) on ( by Fujifilm)

Creating the album online was very easy . The tools were user-friendly for a non IT expert.  I submitted my order excitedly. However, I checked back later and realised that there was an ‘error’ status. I tried to email the customer service BUT their website was down. so sad… I mean.. it’s only abt US$3 BUT still…

So I called the next working day and the customer service officer told me that they are experiencing a technical difficulty 🙁 sob… super sad… he added that I will not be charged unless the item ships. ok… coool… so I waited….

Finally, received an email 2 days later confirming the technical difficulties on the production side.. the email came with a 75% discount code for my next order. I went ahead to remk and reorder the photobook, paid US$1.50

This time, everything went on smoothly.. within 1 day, my order was shipped. Technically, I should receive the book with 5-7 working days BUT i waited for almost 10 days! and the book didn’t reach me ( by the way, the shipment does not come with any tracking)

I emailed the customer service again  and received a response within 12 hrs – GREAT! She told me that they will reship the book to me. So.. just last sat. I received it!!

The print quality is quite good… BUT the book is soooooooo small… so puny..

BH was like “This is the kind of book a grandma will keep in her bag!” booo….

My FREE collage from Walgreens is BIGGER!

Honestly, I was quite disapted with the size… BUT size doesn’t matter.. it’s the inside that counts 🙂 still, I think I’ll just stick to Shuttlefly or Snapfish in future!
and they all starts with ‘S’ .. interesting!

First visit to a petshop…

in US of A 🙂

oh well, we have no reason to visit a petshop prior to BAMBI.. heh

while looking for things to buy, these were some pets we saw..

erm… friendly looking lizard…. and lots of birds!

there were other pets like rabbits , mice, hamster and guinea pigs!! There were also cats for adoption!

Among the cats available for adoption, there’s a kitty which left a v deep impression on me – a kitty without 1 ear 🙁 It was such a heartbreaking sight! I didn’t take a photo of it. I was just so upset that it doesn’t have a ear… I wonder what happened.. and hope that it’s not the result of abuse…

FYI – we didn’t get anything in this petshop… keke.. we went to about 5 others after that.. hahaha.. it was really fun to go pet shopping!

There were also pet day care and pet hotel in some of the petshop.. nice! we had a good time looking at other pple’s dogs…

BH came home and started searching for puppies to buy…. showing me pictures  ” soooooo cute!!! don’t u want him… “oh well…. not now 🙁 I mean.. a puppy is cute.. BUT it will dirty the place… blah blah… BH was like  ” just lock him in the crate when u r doing your stuff ” hmmm…. not ready for such a commitment

just another picture of Bambi … shhh

Beautifying sophia

I didn’t wanna buy this BUT BH was like “You should get it! It will look very nice on your bag ya know…”

So….. he bought it for me 😀 It’s actually a bracelet BUT the charm looks nicer on a bag! Thank you BH for the awesome idea!

(Coach Letan Beach Charm Bracelet on my Madison Gathered Leather Sophia)

My little happiness

downtown adventure

yesterday was one of the few days that I decided to venture downtown for some shopping… oh well… it started pouring heavily when I wanna get out of the house. I was super upset 🙁 I mean.. I was all dressed up.. and needed to go to the post office anyway…

SO… I took my umbrella and just head out. First stop – post office. Great! Rainy day = no crowd! Mailed the parcel and begin trip downtown.

Here’s the thing, I was at the midpoint. I was thinking of taking the bus downtown BUT it’s crazy to wait for the bus in the rain ( mind you – bus stop is not sheltered. It’s just a pole/sign indicating that the bus stops here) Walking to the monorail = walking to downtown.

I choose the later.

I was carrying a bag which I regretted buying in a PAPER BAG (bad bad choice = proves 1000X why I return it). Guess what??? The paper bag BROKE!!! The bag dropped onto the wet floor!! I was like !!<!((&$$##$%^&*((*&^  – no choice but to squeeze the bag inside my bag ( bag in bag) geeez… by the time I get to downtown.. went to the store… the SA asked me how I was.. I was soooooooooo upset and angry… BUT I decided to be nice and replied as calm as I could ” Not good.. I braved the rain to come here ” geeez…

After doing my ‘work’ in the store, I headed to RED MANGO for my lunch = yogurt! I love RED MANGO. Sat down spent time with myself.. admiring my new “precious” haha… just that I was having a bad ulcer and it’s so bad tt I can’t eat solid stuff… I cld only eat yogurt and porridge 🙁

It was still raining after my lunch.. took the umbrella and head to Macy’s .. wah.. Estee Lauder was having a promotion and the freebies were soooooo irresistable! The line at the counter was LONG… the SA told me that there’s 4 sets of freebies left. “It’s my lucky day!” I thought to myself and waited in line

While waiting.. I noticed a visually handicapped lady with a service dog looking very lost in the middle of the mall… she stood there for a couple of minutes and it was as though she’s invisible – nobody came to help her. Since, I had nothing better to do – I got out of the line and approached her. She was looking for a handbag, so I guided her to the handbag section and got a SA to come to her. I seriously do not know why the SA  exclaimed “OMG!” when I told her the lady needs help. Oh well… I went back to the line… counted the no. of pple and realised that I might nt get the freebie… BUT……

A lady left the line as she was too tired of waiting!!! yay!!! I bought a serum and got the FREEBIES – the LAST freebie. heh.. it pays to be kind! 😀

Headed home after shopping – checked the mailbox and… I GOT ANOTHER FREEBIE ! It’s a BOTTLE OF DISHWASHING LIQUID .. haha… nice! I nv really need to buy household stuff in US – almost everything comes FREE or almost FREE .. happy!

At home, checked my email… and GUESS WHAT?!!! heh… the photo album I made for our Hawaii trip had some production error ( it’s the company’s issue) – so they gave me a 75% discount + free shipping to reorder the same album!!! WOW!!! I paid only $1.36 for the album

Rested awhile and cooked dinner + BH’s lunch. What a day! I feel like i’m writing a composition ‘ The day I helped a person in need’ hahaha

saving money

BH and I had been doing massive saving up so that we could save me from ‘HELL’ fast.. In order to speed things up, I have decided to do couponing. When I first started couponing, BH was super embarrassed – He just don’t understand how saving afew dollars each time would help us. In fact, BH usually just shun away from the cashier when he knew I’m using coupons 🙁

However, after couponing for many months now, I think he saw how the amt saved could contribute to our household – like how many dollars could add up so that he can buy a new t-shirt blah blah… haha… so each time when we go grocery shop, he’ll help me to look around for coupons/peelies on the product and also mail-in rebates then we’ll mk sure that every item we buy have a coupon to go with it. My policy: No coupons, No buy

Just to share, these are the things I bought for merely ‘cents’ this week!

From Walgreens:
1) Nyquil on clearance $1.59
-Used $1.50 MQ
Total cost: $0.09 + tax

This is a surprise find! I was feeling abit under the weather and needed some cold medicine.. and I found this! 😀

From Walmart:
2) Barilla pasta $1
-Used $0.75 MQ
Total cost: $0.25 + tax

3) Best life margarine $1.50
– Used $1 MQ
Total cost: $0.50 + tax

Crazy fun!

BH just made this ‘Neoprint’ app on his phone and he’s testing it out by taking lots of pics..haha.. here’s an example:

Oh’s nothing new BUT he’s having a whole lot of fun creating the words + images.. Just this morning, he was like smiling to himself like a maniac.. 

Me: what’s so funny? you kuku ah!

BH: can’t wait to put the lion image around your head! haha

Then I know.. what is passion… nv getting tired of doing the same kind of things… I admire BH for his passion in programming… sometimes.. I wish I can be like him… I don’t think any teacher will feel excited about marking compos or recorrections every single day :X


And I finally bought my straw hat after 1 year…

Super happy! Isn’t it cute? Haha.. it’s like US$7 at AE – I was still hesitating if I shld get it… BUT BH was like ‘just buy .. so cheap!’ Happy happy!

A more auntie/uncle side of us – managed to score 2 FREE bottles of Listerine Zero at Walgreens … iyoh.. super happy… heh.. will print more coupons to get more… cross my fingers that the Walgreens near my place have this type of listerine …

That’s all for now!

Gmarket shopping: Korean dress size chart

I am itching to shop on Gmarket BUT I got to control myself as we’ll be headed to Korea later this yr.. haha.. i’ll or rather we have at least 7 days to shop can!

Anyway, my friend emailed me and asked me about Korean dress size… this particular shop had their words in a picture format (.jpg) so google can’t do the transalation.  I asked Liting the expert and …. she helped me out with the translation in no time! 😀 Thank you!

Sharing it with everyone here –

WAG deals of the week

This is NOT my BEST trip as in it’s not dirt cheap. However, I was pretty happy with my buys as I get $58 worth of items for only $20! Most of these items are things I badly need. Yes , I need a shaver v badly and suncreen too!

Transaction 1:

– Schick Qtro Shavor ( for BH) $8.99

– Schick Trimmer Razor ( for me) $8.99

– Wet ones (for the car) $1.99

– Schick disposable shaver ( for travelling) $5.99

– Blistex lip balm ( Great filler – as it generates RR) $2.99

Used $2 MQ for disposable shaver, $4 Qtro shaver, $2 Trimmer Razor, $0.50 wet ones, $4.50 RR from last week

Amt paid: $15.86 + tax

Received: $10 RR schick shavers + $3 RR lipbalm

Techically, I spent $2.86 for #1


Transaction 2:

– 2 X Hawaiian Sun screen SPF 50 B1G1 $12.49

– Reeses chocolates ( as filler) $0.69

Used 2 X $1 MQ + $10 Schick RR

Amt Paid: $1.18 + tax


The cashier commented ” You really know how to shop! ” 🙂