Happy hour at Earls Restaurant & Bar, Bellevue

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. Bh and I decided to drop by Bellevue downtown and enjoy our first weekend back here. We feel really selfish but we enjoy having such relaxing weekends to ourselves and ourselves only

for drinks, I got myself a lychee geisha $9 while bh got a Collins cocktail $8. I love my lychee! It tasted like lychee martini w a twist!

For food, we have chicken tacos $7, which the server kindly split the food for us and the ahi tuna sliders $7! Nice 🙂 we like the sliders alot and give it 4/5

The happy hour selection is really small but the ambience is cool and open. Its a nice place to people watch! Would come back again~~

Old bag….

New way to carry it!!! Say… Nice!!!!

I thought this bag can only be a crossbody or handcarry but my recent trip to SG (and to orchard rd) make me realize that I can carry it as a shoulder bag! Happy! 😀


I can’t sleep! It’s abt 2.30am here 🙁 have been like this for the past few night.. So irritating…


OMG! I failed my own challenge!!! :/

I was back in SG for 1 mth+ and I’m now back in the states. Well.. i could blog in SG BUT I can’t rem my pw!

Now trying to settle down and unpack. Stay tuned!


There’s a whole lot of things that I need to blog about

I am giving myself a 10 day blogging challenge

Stay tuned!

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

Fire alarm

*beep* “Battery low”

In every US apartment, there’s a fire/Co2/smoke alarm cum detector. Well, this is a safety feature which I hate to love.

I remember not very fondly.. one summer day in our Seattle apartment, way back in 2008. We were such noobs to the area and absolute noobs to staying together + cooking. We were green horns in every way! The point is BH and I were cooking using our oven and the fire alarm starting beeping. If you heard any of these beep before, you will know that the sound is a SERIES of loud urgent continuous beep which could make one’s heart beat really fast. Our food was alright, there’s no fire BUT the alarm keep beeping. The sound alone makes us panic – we were more concerned with ‘disturbing the neighbours’ than ‘burning the place down’

Anyhow, we located the alarm and meddled with all the buttons.. hoping to stop the irritating, ear-piercing sound – It just did not work! It only stopped when the maintenance man came to switch it off. By then a good 15 mins had passed. Phew! It was not a pleasant experience

We later learn that we could put a plastic bag over the detector so that it will not *beep* for no reason. Good idea.. it works! I personally found that ugly, so I decided to open all the windows when cooking… I was quite convinced that I won’t hear that irritating beep again……. but…..

3 years later… at this current apartment we are staying at… it came back! This time the alarm BEEPS + TALKS!!! As though beeping is not bad enough, this alarm talks too!! :O

I was cooking in the kitchen.. and I heard “Low battery” – It was creepy.. so I thought it could be one of BH’s gadget and ignored it. The next day, the alarm speaks again “Low battery” and I realised that it’s coming from the fire alarm! This time, I told BH to email the maintenance man to get him to settle the next day (today)

I think the fire alarm have a life of its own… it had to make its presence felt. At 6am, it beeps continuously in 15 sec interval “Low Battery” I tried to ignore it and go to sleep but I just can’t. I looked over to BH.. he was obviously awaken by the alarm .. that worm chooses to use his pillow to sandwich his head in between…. like it helps!!!

In the end, BH woke up and took the alarm down… the irritating and piercing “BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP” was louder than ever before! it was only 6.30am!!! OMG! Finally… he stopped the “beep” but not the “Low battery” sound.

Me: where did you put the alarm?
BH: I hide in under the cushions on the sofa
Me: SERIOUSLY?!! ( Did BH think that he’s Mr Bean?!!) Why don’t you remove the battery!!!

Now.. I was super irritated. I hate to be disturbed in my sleep.I got out of the bed and took the battery out – finally the alarm “rest in peace” or rather “rest in (a) piece” I was glad that I didn’t thrash it on the ground! After being awaken by the alarm… I can’t sleep :/

I guess it’s my turn “Beep! Battery Low”