Happy hour at Earls Restaurant & Bar, Bellevue

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. Bh and I decided to drop by Bellevue downtown and enjoy our first weekend back here. We feel really selfish but we enjoy having such relaxing weekends to ourselves and ourselves only

for drinks, I got myself a lychee geisha $9 while bh got a Collins cocktail $8. I love my lychee! It tasted like lychee martini w a twist!

For food, we have chicken tacos $7, which the server kindly split the food for us and the ahi tuna sliders $7! Nice 🙂 we like the sliders alot and give it 4/5

The happy hour selection is really small but the ambience is cool and open. Its a nice place to people watch! Would come back again~~

Old bag….

New way to carry it!!! Say… Nice!!!!

I thought this bag can only be a crossbody or handcarry but my recent trip to SG (and to orchard rd) make me realize that I can carry it as a shoulder bag! Happy! 😀


I can’t sleep! It’s abt 2.30am here 🙁 have been like this for the past few night.. So irritating…


OMG! I failed my own challenge!!! :/

I was back in SG for 1 mth+ and I’m now back in the states. Well.. i could blog in SG BUT I can’t rem my pw!

Now trying to settle down and unpack. Stay tuned!


There’s a whole lot of things that I need to blog about

I am giving myself a 10 day blogging challenge

Stay tuned!

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7