Review: Lola

It was one of those lazy saturday – BH & I woke up late due to late night shopping on Black Friday.. so BH kindly suggested that we cld go eat brunch at Lola He had been telling me this place after he went for lunch with his collegues! heh.. great tt he ‘honoured’ his promise

Lola is one of the Tom Douglas resturant at downtown seattle… The 1st time I dined in one of his resturants ( Dahlia’s Lounge) was when Caryn was here πŸ™‚ heh.. I seriously thought tt it would be the last time I’m dining at such a place coz of the HIGH price… BUT my opinions changed at Lola

BH and I made our reservations via Open Table (Thanks to Caryn for setting this a/c for me.. very useful!) that very morning and we didn’t drive, took a bus to downtown.. arrived just in time and was shown to our table.. nice ambience!

So below shows the food we ordered:
– Pancakes
– Lamb kebabs
– Desert ( some honey walnuts thingy)

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The food generally taste great.. maybe coz i was too hungry πŸ™ The pancake comes with this special paste like jam – which tasted ginger-sweet.. The kebabs were ok, but the serving is too small for a hungry boy! I love the dessert.. although I feel that the ‘goreng pisang’ like thing was easy to cook IF i have a deep fryer.. haha

anyhow, BH had a company card and the promo was 1 for 1 entree! wah!! We had a relaxing time eating, talking over coffee ( drank like 2 jugs!) Nice.. enjoy such a causal weekend.. something which was lacking in my fast paced life in SG…

Total damage ( with tips) : US$35

We will go back for brunch again.. heh.. and probably try Serious Pie ( another Tom Douglas resturant)

ondeh ondeh


I made Ondeh ondeh for the first time today πŸ™‚ It’s easy to make! ya.. mine is not GREEN coz i didn’t have the colouring/pandan extract …

I need to change the brand of Glutinous Rice Flour used, this particular vietnam brandΒ have a weird smell.. and I didn’t use Gula MelakaΒ  (used brown sugar instead) as I can’t find it!! I was talking to my mum just now and she told me tt the Gula Melaka is in my fridge( indeed it is) !!Β heh… I’ll try this again!

Review: Panos Greek Taverna

Looking for something different to eat for dinner this weekend? Why not mk a trip to Greece? haha.. nah.. lucky for all seattlites! We don’t need to fly to Greece to enjoy authentic and flavourful greek food πŸ™‚ Just drop by Panos Greek Taverna


BH and I found out about this place after our dental visit. haha.. it’s just a short walk from where our lovely dentist is located… I had always wanna try more varieties of Greek food (to prepare myself for my future Greece vacation) as I was in love with Greek food even since I tried that fried potatoe ball ( can’t rem the name of the food but Caryn will know what I am talking abt.. haha) thingy at Fremont Sunday Farmers’ Market.. so we decided to drop by this place on a saturday night! πŸ™‚ Note: resturant only opens for dinner

As it was kinda like a spontaneous dinner date, we did not mk any reservations. The place was super crowded ( there were pple waiting ouside the resturant) Fortunately, we don’t have to wait for a table.. phew… imagine waiting in the cold!!!

Inside the resturant, we were greeted by nice Greek style deco… greek music.. it’s quite a cramp table BUT I felt that I was in Greece! haha… anyhow, we ordered 1 appetizer, 1 entree, 1 dessert. We were seriously very new to Greek food… but our server was very kind to explain and show us the food.. πŸ™‚

This is what I did while waiting for food… heh..

Entree took about 15mins to come

Pita bread + appetizer ( can’t rem the name but it’s grilled fish)

Special for the day – Mousaka
This entree is creamy and rich, with layers of minced beef, potatoes and eggplant. Served with rice. Taste quite good BUT it’s the kind of food tt will make you feel quite full after a few mouthfuls ( okok.. maybe it’s juz me!) heh

last but not least – Dessert ( can’t rem the name)
I love sweet things but this is too sweet for me.. haha.. i will prefer mochi ice-cream anytime!

Total damage w tips: US$34 ( quite reasonable!)

A great date!

Chocolate Fudge cake with strawberries

I feel extremely excited to bake after every episode of Cake Boss!! haha.. and I so have to go to Carlo’s Bakery if I ever step foot on New Jersey! πŸ™‚

Here’s a pic of my Chocolate Fudge cake with strawberries


The frosting was super messy and untidy… my self-taught skill still not quite there.. but practise mks perfect! haha… shall watch more baking shows! πŸ™‚

BH and I are not fans of chocolate…so…. how are we gonna finish the cake? hmmm..

Cuttlefish porridge


That’s the very last bit of cuttlefish my mum brought over πŸ™ Seriously, I love Cuttlefish Porridge on a cold wet day… it tastes really good and makes me think of home… aww…

Hmm.. i don’t know how my mum made/prepared the cuttlefish, but it taste super good and fragrant! aww.. with the homemade meatballs ( we call it ‘human meatballs’) and tofu.. it’s a fantastic 1 dish meal on a lazy day!!

I think the next cuttlefish porridge meal will be next yr- when we go back to sg? haha.. gotta ask my mum to prepare more for me to bring back here (if i’m still coming back.. heh) ! πŸ™‚

Review: Top Gun Seafood Resturant

BH and I read about a super good Dim Sum place on yelp again – Top Gun.. so we decided to give it a try on Sunday morning.. πŸ™‚ It was pouring outside.. super wet and cold… well , that’s Seattle’s weather.. so we met up with Julius and 2 other thai frens at the resturant. Julius was the earliest, he graciously queued for us to get a table…

When we reached the place.. it was VERY VERY crowded.. we only had to wait 15mins coz Julius was already in the Q for us.. heh.. thanks ah!

The place was quite nice.. food was quite good… In my opinion, it’s comparable to Noble Court

Here’s some place of the wonderful food we tasted!

“White sugar cake” – heh.. haven’t eaten this for soooooooooo long!!! makes me think of the ” 9 layers cake” πŸ™‚


This is unique – Chee Chong fan wrapped with oil sticks… erm.. acquired taste.. haha.. I don’t like it… coz it’s unhealthy? can feel the oil oozing out!


Other types of standard dim sum.. The guys were like saying tt the chicken feet = phoenix claws were superb!


Egg tarts!! my fave!! so small and cute!


Carrot cake!! yummy!!


Total damage with tips: US$92 ( for 5 pple!)

Not bad.. considering tt we ate alot! heh.. will go there again! πŸ™‚

Review: Chili’s Deli & Mart

This is the FIRST Indian mama shop i see in Seattle!!!

Our friend Julius had just moved to University District. Well, we were really excited for him and wanna help him to ‘warm-up’ his new place on a chilly day in fall… So…while waiting for him, BH & I once again explored the neighbourhood and saw an interesting place!! haha.. Chili’s Deli & Mart (no website)We didn’t managed to take a front view of this shop BUT pls do not expect this place to look posh? heh.. in fact, it looks old , like those old indian coffee shops off Jalan Besar in SG

Anyhow, we haven’t eaten authentic Indian food for the longest time, so upon looking at the affordable prices of the menu, we decided to go give a try.. ( menu had vegetraian and non-vegetarian selections)

Right, the place was empty when we arrived… there were a no. of pple walking into the stall for take-aways and to buy cigaretts. The interior was very clean! Indian music was playing in the background with nice indian deco .. the aroma of spices and curry… πŸ™‚

I ordered Masala Dosai – this came with chutney. Dosai was made on the spot.. it was hot and crispy. The potatoes were well marinated with spices.. and it tasted like those we had back home!!


BH ordered Chicken Briyani. It looks and taste different from what we have in SG. The difference is a good one! More spices! more fragant!



I also requested for Papudom ( indian crackers, i don’t know how to spell) and they gave it to us! The crackers are not the type I was expecting but still taste good!

Total bill with tips: US$23

A humble place with humble owners and they serve great food!! πŸ™‚ Will go back again!

Here’s their address:
Chili’s Deli & Mart
5002 University Way NE
Seattle, WA 98105

Review: Shiro’s

My past few entries are on food and this is gonna so continue πŸ™‚

BH and I had went to Shiro’s for dinner. We always wanted to try it but procastinated as the price is $$$. Anyhow, this place is a short walk from our apartment..

We were glad tt we walked there as it there were limited street parking near the resturant. We didn’t make reservation as it was kinda like a spontateous dinner date.. hmm… maybe I have been trained to be organised and make plans.. so I don’t like things that go too spontateously? like… i didn’t calculate our budget this mth to see if we can eat out.. blah blah… but BH was like ‘Nevermind la!’ So we just went..

We were greeted by friendly Japanese waitress * not pretty, if you were wondering* So we ordered Poke Belltown, which was reccommended by the waitress. It’s raw tuna marinated with a special sauce.. it taste really good! no fishy taste/smell.. we enjoyed it


Then we ordered a huge plate of 20 sushi ( chef selections) to share. Shiro’s is known for their sushi… Don’t see these 20 small looking sushi.. they are super filling can… I gave up after eating like 8 Sushi.. heh


So.. how can we end our fantastic dinner without something sweet?? hahah.. though the weather was cold, we can’t resist ourselves but ordered Chocolate Mochi Ice-cream


ah… i dunno y but i fondly thought of one of my fave Jap resturant in SG – Sun with Moon Japanese Dining (Wheelock Place) .. i miss that soft cheesecake in a cage.. ya know? hehehe

So the total bill with tips – US$85! :O I guess it’s worth it for quality food?

We walked home and saw this interesting deco at a party shop near our home.. haha


Trick or treat? ;p


Today, I accidentally baked cupcakes !! πŸ˜›

So everything started on well.. pre-heat the oven, coated the baking round pan with baking spray and beat the flour, water, oil! So very happy… the mixture looks perfect!! put into the oven… tried to clear the ‘mess’ to only realise… I FORGOT TO PUT THE EGGS!!!

Panic sia… I was like.. i surely ‘Ultimate Cake-off’ , Amanda’s edition ( Cake-off form!) I have been baking for many many times – how cld i forget the eggs??? luckily, i only put the mixture in for only 3 mins… quickly took the mixture out, put into the mixing bowl and beat the eggs with it… The round baking pan was dirty with my ‘mistake’ so I didn’t reuse it.. decided to bake cupcakes instead…

Actually, I was feeling kinda hopeless that today’s cake surely not nice….. sianz…. BUT…. to my surprise!!!

*tadah!!* Fresh from the oven! Looks good! smells good! heaved a sigh of relieve! some cupcakes look ‘ugly’ BUT nvm.. they are gonna be frosted – so cannot see!
I waited for the cake to cool down then I prepared the tools for frosting and decorating


After deco…


Can u see the words? haha… it writes “ I *heart* U Oct 14 ’09 ” No special meaning..That’s the easiest thing to frost.. Y kiwi fruit and grapes? That’s what I have in the fridge

heh.. actually, I have not tasted the cupcakes… seriously,i hope it tastes as good as it looks! And it’s my 1st time working with frosting!!! haha… quite satisfied with the results!

Note to myself:
1) To buy RED colour fruits like strawberries in future, rainbow rice & chocolate rice for deco.
2) Do not put too much mixture in 1 cupcake cup

Pork Steak

i seriously do not wanna turn my blog into a food blog! haha… but I can’t help it!

Here’s what I cooked on Monday πŸ˜€ It’s one of my fave food from my mum.. so she told me the recipe and I cook it.. It’s great to cook this dish when u have too much potatoes! ( Yes, potatoes are cheap here, like 99cents a BIG bag! so I always end up with a huge bag.. heh.. besides cooking curry or stew I cook this too!)

It doesn’t look this nice all the time… (Hint: Use more oil! *unfortunately*)

12 Oct’09

Dec’ 08

heh.. skill improved right?? πŸ™‚

Right, below shows the recipe.. Need to type it down somewhere as what I have is on a book


Pork Steak

Prepare this before hand:
1) Biscuit crumps – from any type of crackers.
2) Boil potatoes until it becomes soft. The softer the better, easier to mash
3) Slice coriander leaves

How to cook:
1) Mash potatoes
2) Sprinkle salt in mashed potatoes
3) Put coriander leaves, mince meat and pepper in the mixture
4) Mix well
5) Separate egg white from egg yolk
6) Put egg yolk in mixture. Mix well again
7) Make mixture into flat balls
8 ) *IMPORTANT* Put balls in biscuit crumps then coat with egg white!
9) Put oil in pan. Pan-fry till golden brown