1st day of 2010

woke up feeling sad.. and blue… was whining to BH .. suddenly.. i stared out of our window and saw a rainbow!! wow!!! This sight certainly changed the day!!

so we gt out .. in search of the pot of gold..hahaha… we can’t find it la.. think other pple were faster than us.. heh…

anyhow, i got to drink my fave Starbucks Creme Brulee latte and watched NEW MOON finally.. ahh.. I am TEAM EDWARD ๐Ÿ™‚ Didn’t think Edward was good looking until i saw his sexy hip bones.. man.. and BH was like ” I think my body similar to his what!” I was dumbfounded man.. I mean… that’s called trying too hard can! wahaha…

ah.. New Year.. New Moon…. NEW idol!! hehehe

*currently in the process of buying NEW MOON and ESCLIPE novels online… *

Review: Up

It’s interesting how such a movie with beautiful cheerful graphics and looks happy with colourful balloons.. brought so much tears and thoughts in my little head… I was like crying for the whole duration of the film… it’s not sad but it’s awfully touching… my heart just felt so sad coz the old couple in the film reminded me of my grandparents… well, my grandma passed away and my grandpa is all by himself now…nah.. they do not have children (long story how we are related) but they treated us like their own ๐Ÿ™ mks me really really sad and mks me wanna go back to SG to see him now..

This movie also makes me think of BH and I.. being that selfish girl, I was hoping tt I will die before BH so that I would not have to be so miserable thinking of him..

I loved the “cross my heart” action that the old man and the little boy did.. it’s soooooooo cute… so BH was like copying their actions.. hahaha..

There’s this line which the boy said and it made a huge impression – “it might sound boring but i think the boring stuff is the stuff i remember the most” Can u think of all the boring things?? Yes right? see… you remember all of them… so weird but true!

It’s such a beautiful story! Bitter-sweet indeed! ๐Ÿ™‚

[ADDED-sweetest part which made me cry.. thanks BH for the contribution]

IMAX: Where the wild things are

BH and I finally caught this movie!! We have been waiting for a good evening to watch the movie – no rain, next day no need to wake up early… so the fateful day was Tuesday! hehe.. Wed, we had dental appointment so BH kinda have 1/2 day off.

If you are thinking tt this movie is kinda like the book then I think you are somewhat correct? haha… The book and movie are quite ambiguous – It makes one think .. Just that in this movie, the director/script writer kinda gives more background knowledge of the child and his family, to make the movie more complete.

In my opinion, I think that this movie have more details than the book. It contains many philosophical values which requires one to ask questions and reflect on life! An artistic film one might say… erm… The monsters only appear abt 30mins into the movie.. and they are nt exactly those cute cuddly monsters.. they look dirty?

Anyhow, after the movie, I could see BIG question marks on BH’s head. I was very glad… coz this means there were room for discussions b/t the 2 of us.. haha.. so we were like talking about the significance of the monsters and the boy himself…

BH’s conslusion of the movie “It’s just a movie of a spoilt brat”

My conclusion of the movie “Big dreams trapped in a small boy”

There are many themes involved in this movie. Some themes include –

1) Family – The movie shows the relationship of the boy with his sister, with his mum and with himself. The father figure was absent in the movie ( and book!) , we only see a Globe which was given to the boy by the father. Mum moved on and met someone new, boy saw mum’s new man and threw a tantrum (Who was he angry with? Why was he upset?)

2) Appearance vs Reality – It’s interesting to note the behaviour of the boy when he have his costumes on and when he’s without the costume.. heh… it’s so cliche BUT it seems like he’s another case of ‘Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ ( What is he trying to show when he wears the costume? Costume = super power?)

3) Dreams vs Imagination – Was the boy just playing a kiddo imagination game with monsters? is he actually dreaming ( sleeping kind of dreams)?

4) Needs vs wants – Does his new monsters friends fill up the boy’s emptiness for the lack of friends ( as compared to his sister) ? Or is it that he only needed his mother’s love and attention?

The final question “Did he go to monster land?”
-If yes: Can he really do so many things in monster land in only a day? Where does these monsters live?(Note: Mum was wearing the same clothes as when he left and returned)
-If no: Why is he so hungry? Why are his clothes dirty and wet?

As an educator, I feel that ‘Where the wild things are’ is not only a good book for P4C ( Philosophy for Children), it is also a good film to teach children about values (esp. the last part, shldn’t the boy apologise to the mum for making her worried? or he didn’t apologise coz he didn’t run away from home?). Well, I will recommend teachers to use this as a trigger or a conclusion activity for the kids to reflect. It’s definitely a good movie to activate prior knowledge or just to get pupils to share and discuss their feelings and thoughts.

For adults, this is not a kiddy show! It’s a show that helps us to reminisce our childhood… recollecting our childhood games and toys! ( heh… i rem my sis and I like to ‘pitch’ tents using blankets and clothes pegs then putting our toys inside… haha) Brings back good memories to me ๐Ÿ™‚

Watched the movie? Let me know what u think!!

IMAX: Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

We came home from our San Fransico trip on sunday afternoon! It was great.. will update/blog abt it soon ya ๐Ÿ™‚

Last night, BH and I were feeling really spontaneous… I cooked, we had dinnner then suddenly BH suggested ” let’s go watch IMAX today! ” I was elated and very excited ” SERIOUS??? OKOK!!” so we went out to buy the tix and caught the 9.15pm show!

ONE of the BEST thing we love abt our apartment’s location is the IMAX.. it’s much cheaper than movie.. and the experience of watching a 3D show is soooooooooooo much cooler!!! For the whole duration of this show, we wore special glasses.. and the food in the show made me hungry ( and it’s 3D somemore) !!!

I thought that this show is very entertaining… I love the jokes.. hilarious in a silly way… shan’t share any here – just for in case you might wanna catch the movie .. heh…. This movie also displays the father-son love…like how fathers don’t say much BUT they actually love alot… haha… I thought of my dad , the really really fierce man in my opinion… i am sooooooooo afraid of him.. but i know he loves me alot ๐Ÿ™‚

So Bh was like ” Most cartoon protray father-son kinda love.. not really mother-son/daughter?” hmm… my 1st reaction was like ” Noooooooooo…” then I thought abt it and I can’t recall any cartoons with mother-son/daughter love… see… ‘Finding Nemo’ also displays the r/s between father and son… hmmm.. is this a sexist thing? or are these cartoons helping us to silently discover the “fatherly love” we thought was absent?

In any case, it’s a nice show… go watch it! haha.. BUT buy popcorns while watching… so that u can imagine the popcorn to be the food in the movie .. heh.. either that or watch the movie with a FULL stomach! hahaha…

Our sinful indulgence

Last weekend, Bh and I spent a whole deal of time at the casino … this sounds really bad… BUT we are so addicted to the slots… no worries.. we practise moderation on our $$

So… what happened was… there’s this super $ maximising slot machine – Egyptagon. BH first played on it last last week at Tulalip casino ( next to the outlets!) and he won like US$100 with just $20!!! how cool is that…

We went to another casino to try our luck – Snoqualmie Casino and guess what!! we won again !! ๐Ÿ™‚ Just a screenshot of my machine… heh… US$20 and it became US$60!!! dimond = wild means it’s 6 pharaohs!

Picture 071

well… still nvm… at the last moment, i was left with only 70 cents.. 70 cents mind you… and out of a sudden….. there were like 45 free spins and 70 cents became $117!!!! How to nt get addicted…

The money won went to our Dim Sum brunch , grocery shopping and of corrs… the Gmarket shopping fund! ๐Ÿ™‚

now we are planning and looking forward to the next visit… heh… friday night?? it’s double pts > we joined the casino’s rewards club! We gain pts when we play! heh….

shhhhhh….. a secret obsession… :X

The Bachelor

last night was probably the most exciting Bachelor episode.. well… this series of ‘The Bachelor’ features Jason Mesnick who lives in Seattle and have a cute child name Ty.. he’s divorced..

so… a typical ‘The Bachelor’ series will include 25 women crowding, drooling over the ‘man’ and the ‘man’ could in turn touch, kiss, hug or even go further (this i’m not sure coz not shown on tv).. i kinda like the show.. and wishes that i’m him.. i mean.. how many guys won’t wanna have 25 women crazy over him right??

i got to admit tt i didn’t watch the whole series.. BUT i caught the last episode + ‘After the rose’ special… there were 2 ladies left – Melissa and Molly… the gal tt left the deepest impression on me was Molly.. she was super sweet!! i suspect tt her saliva taste like nectar – Jason kisses her soo passionately! haha.. anyhow, she made a nice scrapbk of the progess of their r/s.. so touching… reminds me of what i wld have done like donkey years ago…

however, Jason proposed + gave the final rose to Melissa…at first, i was v touched by Jason’s proposal.. u shld haf saw the ring…and the words tt he said to her brought tears to my eyes… a sense of pity swept past me. – i feel so short-changed! i don’t even wanna rem how i was proposed to man.. it’s soooooo unromantic… and i gt to accept it coz i have NO CHOICE.. geez… so i was like asking BH ” Can you propose to me again? ” he kept quiet.. i doubt he will… no wonder pple say marriage is the tomb of romance… i can’t agree more

b4 i go out of pt… after 6 weeks, Jason changed his mind and decided tt Melissa isn’t the girl for him.. this is probably the 1st time in ‘The Bachelor’ history ! Jason told Melissa about the break up on national tv ( the special episode) .. i felt like tt Jason is an asshole man… how could she proposed to someone then changed his mind??? my heart goes out for Melissa ๐Ÿ™ it seems like she have no right to say that she doesn’t wanna break up! the thing i don’t understand is why did he suddenly realised tt he doesn’t wanna marry the girl who he claims he loves… and all those sweet words are nt true!!!

Jason – the worst kind of man in the world… so fickle-minded! disgrace all of MANkind!*sings “You change your mind like a girl changes clothes …….you’re hot then you’re cold..You’re yes then you’re no..You’re in and you’re out…You’re up and you’re down…You’re wrong when it’s right” *

If i see you in Seattle, i will………. *haven’t thought of it yet*

The bottomline: Be weary of the guy who proposes to u in a sweet or romantic way, he might juz change his mind!

Tai-tai-technics #1- Feedback Queen

oh well.. since i have been sorta like a tai-tai for a few months.. having nothing to do except drinking high tea, going for facial and manicures.. ya.. and don’t forget the shopping part – nah… i no longer shop at Giordano or G2000… it’s Coach, Kate Spade, American Eagles… and sometimes NORDSTROM..

how i wish i could be saying the above man…

the truth is… i have been cleaning, cooking, washing acting like a S’porean maid for a few months.. having nothing to do except making tea, looking at my dry skin and wishing that i could go for manicures… and don’t forget the NOT shopping part – i have been “monitor screen” shopping for Coach, Kate Spade, American Eagles and of course.. my new found shopping place – NORDSTROM

so… i bought 85USD ++ worth of stuff on Nordstrom… and the most amazing thing is… i do not need to pay shipping as i could opt to pick my purchases up !! wah… i love this.. means… i do not need to wait for a few days to get my new toys!!! yes! so on top of that i get a freebie a whole lot of FREEBIES!!

* Shiseido Facial Cotton (4 sheets)
* Lancome Renergie Microlift R.A.R.E. Superior Lifting Cream SPF 15 (.06 oz.)
* Lancome Renergie Microlift Night R.A.R.E. Superior Firming Night Cream (.06 oz.)
* Kinerase Extreme Lift Face (.24 oz.)
* Lippmann Collection โ€˜The Stripper to Goโ€™ Nail Lacquer Remover Finger Mitt
* Bare Escentuals bareMinerals All-Over Face Color in Glee (.02 oz.)
* ZO Skin Health Oclipse Sunscreen + Primer SPF 30 (.13 oz.)
* Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel (.1 oz.)
* Lโ€™Occitane Ultra Rich Body Cream (.28 oz.)
* Origins No Puffery Cooling Mask for Puffy Eyes (.1 oz.)
* True Religion Eau de Parfum Spray for Her (.05 oz.)
* Prada Infusion dโ€™Homme Eau de Toilette Spray for Him (.05 oz.)
* philosophy โ€˜amazing graceโ€™ Perfumed Firming Body Emulsion (.5 oz.)
* Annick Goutal Gardenia Passion Eau de Toilette Spray for Her (.06 oz.)
* Clinique High Impact Mascara (.06 oz.)
* Laura Mercier Lip Stain in Mulberry (.21 oz.)
* Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Eau de Parfum for Her (.05 oz.)

*jumps for joy* i lovveeeeeee samples!!!

BUT… what happened juz now was… there was no indication of the FREE GIFTS at the checkout page!! ๐Ÿ™ so i quickly emailed the customer service and they got back to me really quickly – although i opted to pick up my purchase, they will SHIP the above freebies over to my doorstep!!! isn’t it amazing!!! on top of that, they also called me within like 30mins after i ordered to tell me that 1 item is OOS! wow! fast!

Thumbsup for Nordstrom for giving great deals… and also for offering such wonderful pick up service + hiring very efficient and friendly customer service officers! ๐Ÿ™‚

UPS – my fave shipping company!!! why??

there was once i made online pruchase n i forgt my unit number… i was worried tt the parcel won’t reached me.. so i informed UPS and *tadah* the next day… i received the parcel at my doorstep!! *applause* and they usually deliver faster than the other shipping companies… like i made my AE purchases last week and i received my stuffs last night!! tt’s very fast compared to “the others”

once again – UPS really delivers!!! ;p

now i hope UPS delivers my freebies!!!

Happy New Year! Binghuan’s Perspective

Happy New Year! What a year… so many things have happened this year for me… let’s do a recap first…

1) Married the most wonderful companion I could asked for.
2) Got to work in the company that I dream of when I was young
3) Seeing snow for the first time!
4) Purchasing my first car
5) Renting a loft!

Most of it seems to be related to my new job which I am sort of enjoying at the moment, just hate the commute to work sometimes, but I have great colleagues so there isn’t much more then I could ask for out of my job.

And it was this year where I truly realise what a wonderful cook my wife is! It is a relief that at the end of a tiring day, I have hot readymade dinner waiting for me at home. All thanks to my love ๐Ÿ™‚

Snow was nothing actually, it was just cold and icy. And the roads will be blocked if there is heavy snow which traps us at home. That sucks although I really like to work from home. lol, hopefully our Earth gets better and there will be less snow here…

I wished I had a better car but decided to save some money and get a car within my means. Not that a Honda Fit is a bad car, but I *might* change a car next year… have to build a good credit history before changing…

The loft is the exciting part! Can you imagine a loft? Something we will not have back in Singapore. At least I don’t think I would pay a huge amount to get it back at Singapore. Then the problem is we need to get some stylo milo furniture and deco to make the loft look cool. Sigh. think we will have to do that slowly…

So that was roughly the exciting year for me, resolutions? Hmmm I hope that I can contribute to my work significantly and hopefully be able to get promoted at the end of year? Quite hard but I will try. Think I need to work hard now especially with the economy looking so gloomy everywhere…

I hope to be able to just enjoy couple hood life with Amanda. Like we are here, with nothing much to worry about and just enjoy our time here like its honeymoon every weekend. More specifically, there are places which we must visit! San Diego Zoo, Disney Land, Yellowstone, San Fran, Los Angeles, New York, Hawaii. Lol mainly all the attractions in the state and even Mexico or South America cities like Argentina or Brazil sounds exciting to me.

I am not going to ask for too much next year as time seems to pass so fast nowadays, I hope my friends and family will still remember me even though I may seem to have neglected them. Been just too tired everyday and the timezone difference is certainly not helping. Just want to tell you (if any of them comes) that I miss everyone back in Singapore.

May all of us have a good year ahead of us and that the world becomes a better place. ๐Ÿ™‚

New phone!

Yeah! BH got me a new phone! ;p It’s a LG INCITE ( dunno if they have this in S’pore) According to my sister, it’s called LG Secret in S’pore..

anyway, here’s my phone!

Well, the main reason y i got this phone, instead of other phones (such as iphone) is because it has a dual clock function! which i thot is sooooo cool! (anyway, this phone was also on 1/2 price, 99USD which is way cheaper than iphone, 199USD)

anyway, BH thot that i’ll get an iphone… so he already bought me an iphone cover… now the cover is sitting at home catching dust.. haha.. who’ll wants an iphone cover, let me know, i’ll ‘reserve’ it for u ;p

BIG announcement: I am contactable anytime anywhere from now onwards with my phone!!! I am using an unlimited data plan.. means I can access my email anytime anywhere!!! juz email me!!!

I took some pics on the way to the Seattle Premium Outlets..

The pic on theย  left shows the long freeway we got to take to the outlet mall.. the outlet malls are located quite far.. near Vancouver… and they are MORE chinese shopping than Angmos.. haha.. weird right? outlet malls are not like our sg warehse sale! haha..to my surprise, they are retail shops, juz tt the things are much cheaper!

the pic at the bottom shows cute doggies waiting for their owner at the carpark.. ;p

Have a good day to all!

It is official!


Yes I am PC! Work just started so there is a lot of learning and catching up to do for me. The good thing is my manager and team mates are really cool friendly guys. But I always have the mentality that I am not up to it, which I should not have in the first place. Going to have to read book this weekend to learn more.

[singlepic=106,300,320,,] That is the starbucks coffee machine which is one of the many benefits working here. ๐Ÿ™‚ Btw, my work is not in the main MS campus but over at the Seattle side. Got pros and cons like parking/housing is so expensive at Seattle side, but there is a lot more things going on at Seattle side. Anyway some other perks include free transportation pass for employee, medical & dental care, life insurance, the usual stuff. Some more unusual stuff cause I am working in the Mobile team, I get to pick a smart phone for free soon! And also cause I work in Seattle, I get to opt out of parking for $150 in reimbursement to park my car at my place instead! That means I have to walk/take shuttle to work though which I am quite ok with.

[singlepic=107,300,320,,right] I just had a interesting time at Seattle today, check out the photos! It was a beautiful weather today. ๐Ÿ™‚

There was some gay rights demonstration when I reached downtown… very interesting

[singlepic=112,300,320,,right] I then went over to Pike Place Market which is actually their version of ChatuChak Market in Bangkok, inside got lots of china sellers.

[singlepic=120,300,320,,right] This should be the first Starbucks in Seattle, I still need to confirm this again…

[singlepic=125,300,320,,right] And finally the needle, I use it to roughly know the direction to go around actually, very useful!