X’mas tree

BH drove us to an Asian Supermarket – “Great Wall Shopping Village” at Renton yesterday… wah.. things are way cheaper than Bellevue and there are more asian food and vege to buy! ;p we managed to get the Jasmine rice as well!

After which, we also went to Walmart where we bought rubber mats for the car and xmas deco!! hehe… came back and bought the real x’mas tree from the supermarket beneath our apartment ( for convenience sake)

while i prepare meatball spaggetti for dinner.. BH fix the tree up! not an ez task!! after dinner, we deco the tree! What can i say? it’s a wonderful weekend! 🙂

before we deco the tree!
before we deco the tree!
after we deco the tree! so pretty isn't it! :)
after we deco the tree! so pretty!

Last but not least… our car, Blackie!! 🙂

It’s a Black Honda Fit

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