Review: Ying Thai Kitchen aka The Thai kitchen

BH and I tried out this Thai resturant after reading good reviews on yelp

Street parking is limited .. so we parked at the nearby safeway and walked to the resturant 🙂

We reached the place by following the address… but we were kinda surprised that the name that we know: ‘Ying Thai Kitchen’ is not the name of the resturant. The name is ‘The Thai Kichen’… so… ok… we reached the place and it seems quiet and aloof… uninviting, the doors are closed… BH and I hesitated .. I was like ” since it’s so good… y does it look so quiet at dinner time?’


so since we were there and we seriously do not know what else to eat, we went ahead. Entered the resturant to find that the place is actually quite crowded! haha… it’s a nice cozy place… the price is affordable – in fact quite cheap!

At a Thai resturant, definitely we must order pad thai right? haha… so tt’s what we did. Pad thai tastes good and authentic! yummy! 🙂


Bh ordered Ying’s special fried rice with beef. Smells good!!! taste good!

oh well.. just like 2 kids, we were trying to spite each other with the food we ordered… haha.. the portion was HUGE and we had no room for deserts!

Total bill with tips: US$25

We will definitely go back there again 🙂

As we were exploring the neighbourhood, we discovered an interesting place: How to Cook a Wolf wow!! looks so good and interesting… hope to try the food there one day – it’s $$$!!! and they are accepting reservations for Valentine’s Day next year alr!!! awww…. *hintX100000000* BH doesn’t really read this blog 🙁

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