Rice cooker chicken rice

keke.. no claypot.. so used the rice cooker.. still taste good! ( my mum’s cooking is much much better 🙁 )


This is the EASIEST to cook 1 dish meal! why??
1) No need to fry = no need to clean the stove = no need to wash the pan
2) Healthy (erm.. remove all fat and skin from chicken and use low/no fat Chinese wax sausage..) = no additional oil required!
3) Easy to pack for lunch

How to cook? Super simple! what can go wrong??!!
1)clean the chicken fillet ( remove fat. skin.. blah blah)
2)slice chicken and Chinese sausage into smaller pieces
3) marinate chicken with oyster sauce, dark sauce, soy sauce, pepper, sesame oil, abit of rice wine. Leave marinated chicken for 1 hr
4) cook rice. wait for it to 1/2 boil (means when u see bubbles) put the meat and Chinese sausage on top. Spread out ingredients evenly
5) Rice cooked = meat cook! ( serious! wah! i was afraid the meat won’t be cooked!)
6) Add garnish ( spring onions, coriander leaves, fried shallots) and serve!

*Rice will be brown in colour because of the marinated chicken

I think I will be cooking more of this in future 🙂 heh.. little mess.. less preparation time!

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