My day in Seattle

wondering what my day in Seattle is like?


7.00 am – alarm rings, Snooze once

7.15 am – alarm rings. Snooze twice

7.30 am – Wake up!

7.45 am – Make coffee and breakfast while BH gets ready for work

8.00 am – We eat breakfast + wash dishes + decide on what to eat for dinner

9.00 am – BH leaves for work

9.30 am – BH call to say he reach work safely. I’ll have a peace of mind to do other misc things

9.30 am to 12. 30 am: Bathe, wash clothes, dry clothes, iron clothes, make bed*

12.30 am – Lunch for me

1.00 pm – surf ard. Talk online

5.00 pm – start to prepare ingredients to cook

6.30 pm – BH calls to say he is on his way home. I will start to cook

7.00 pm – BH is home. He will wash up while i prepare to start dinner

7.30 pm – Dinner time

8.00 pm – BH wash the dishes , kitchen sink, cloths while it’s my bathing time

9.00 pm – Watch TV, surf online

10.00 pm – Sleep Time!

*Not everyday do housework… i’ll walk ard the neighbourhood

and then the cycle continues…

Does my schedule sound boring? haha.. But i’m happy! i didn’t know tt i’ll feel this way… at least i don’t have to go to sleep feeling anxious about school, go to bed feel angry and worried for the kids… we make decisions on our own and we can do everything we like! wow! Our lives together just begin on the 29 Nov 2008! 🙂 NOT on 6eptember!

on top of that, i feel that i am quite a good cook! hey! my home econs get A one leh! tt’s y BH is a lucky man with a pretty wife who’ve brains and can cook and do hsework! hee…

was surfing ard and i saw The Art Institute of Seattle… thinking of doing a Diploma on Residental Design… however, i wonder if it’s recognised in sg… well.. shall look ard more..

anyway, the weather is super dry here and most of my cosmetics are in the sea shipment! and i can’t get any familar brands here 🙁 so.. abit afraid to go out… scared my skin peel la… haha… damn vain right… now i’ve gt no toner, no collagen to drink… man… my skin is so gonna die…i have been putting alot of moisturizer… hope the moisturizer is enuff to last me till the shipment comes man….

i found a backup US brand – Clinique.. wonder if it’s good… anyone uses this brand? share k… will most likely get this brand online… it’s cheap here!

(btw.. online shopping is super ‘in’ here.. everything is ebay and paypal and whatever website.. BH is like addicted to shopping man! he needs to shop online everyday!!!)

i’m hungry… shall eat some thing 1st then snap some pictures of the neighbourhood …

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