sleepy sun

Hi all,

I had arrived in Seattle safely.. in fact, i arrived 1/2 hour earlier than expected.. I was worried that BH won’t be there yet BUT i was wrong.. haha…and BH’s driving improved… i am thinking of not converting my license to avoid giving too much comments when BH drives.. haha.. ignorant is bliss! i like it this way!

People here have been really friendly… like.. they volunteer to take a photo of us while we were window shopping along the streets of Bellevue..

to me.. things here r really expensive.. (maybe coz i haf no income now..) 🙁 and the pple here wakes up real late .. even the sun is sleepy.. haha.. 8am at town area = no cars=no pple=no sun…

and i cooked dinner and breakfast… decent meals ok! haha… i think i can cook well… thanks to my mum’s instant helpline!

i think i’ll be blogging elsewhere… not comfy with too many pple reading here..

will be going car-shopping later.. take care all! (it’s sunday today!)

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