IMAX: Cloudy with a chance of meatballs

We came home from our San Fransico trip on sunday afternoon! It was great.. will update/blog abt it soon ya 🙂

Last night, BH and I were feeling really spontaneous… I cooked, we had dinnner then suddenly BH suggested ” let’s go watch IMAX today! ” I was elated and very excited ” SERIOUS??? OKOK!!” so we went out to buy the tix and caught the 9.15pm show!

ONE of the BEST thing we love abt our apartment’s location is the IMAX.. it’s much cheaper than movie.. and the experience of watching a 3D show is soooooooooooo much cooler!!! For the whole duration of this show, we wore special glasses.. and the food in the show made me hungry ( and it’s 3D somemore) !!!

I thought that this show is very entertaining… I love the jokes.. hilarious in a silly way… shan’t share any here – just for in case you might wanna catch the movie .. heh…. This movie also displays the father-son love…like how fathers don’t say much BUT they actually love alot… haha… I thought of my dad , the really really fierce man in my opinion… i am sooooooooo afraid of him.. but i know he loves me alot 🙂

So Bh was like ” Most cartoon protray father-son kinda love.. not really mother-son/daughter?” hmm… my 1st reaction was like ” Noooooooooo…” then I thought abt it and I can’t recall any cartoons with mother-son/daughter love… see… ‘Finding Nemo’ also displays the r/s between father and son… hmmm.. is this a sexist thing? or are these cartoons helping us to silently discover the “fatherly love” we thought was absent?

In any case, it’s a nice show… go watch it! haha.. BUT buy popcorns while watching… so that u can imagine the popcorn to be the food in the movie .. heh.. either that or watch the movie with a FULL stomach! hahaha…

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