6eptember 1st year highlights

this is an outdated post.. haha..but i still gt to blog abt it! 🙂

So on 6eptember this year, BH and I woke up bright and early ( it was the US long labour day weekend!) > but the weather was kinda gloomy.. in fact it rained… well.. anyway, I woke up and I saw this on the table


Upon looking at the gift.. any unhappy or grumpy girl would smile! haha… so… i was super surprised and excited to know what BH bought for me! wheeeee… my 1st Tiffany & Co. k!


So BH bought me a bracelet with a sweet charm!! wah!! I love it… but I put it on only to realise tt it’s too big for me 🙁 need to bring it back to alter..


Gave BH a gift too… a tee I bought from disneyland a mth back? haha… yes.. my gift is soooooo cheapo compared to his… i mean.. i’m not working right… heh.. but he was v happy … so ez to satisfy..


The card I took like 15mins to make? heh


So Bh and I spent the day looking at possible apartments to lease.. went over to explore ‘west seattle’ .. so beautiful.. but it was raining… didn’t manage to take pics …

Ended the night with dinner at The Old Spaghetti Factory.. price was affordable… taste wise… erm… not worth mentioning :X

okie… so… just last Saturday… BH brought me to Tiffany & Co. to alter the bracelet BUT the sales person told us it will take 2 weeks… man… i don’t wanna wait… In the end, I reluctantly exchanged my bracelet with this necklace 🙂 well… it’s cheaper!! so BH still have $$ credited back to him… hehe… waiting for my bracelet .. hopefully i’ll get it in the next BIG EVENT..



Wore my Gmarket stuff last Saturday too.. love it :p


and you know what?? part of the 6eptember celebration includes going to San Francisco this thursday!! Happy girl and I’m looking forward to the trip ( and to Gucci Factory outlet.. wahaha)!!

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