6eptember 永远的第一天

Today marks the day BH and I officially become man & wife… it’s so cliche but i still got to say time flies… This is the 6eptember entry which shld be written last yr.. BUT I was too bz… with.. sadly… my work 🙁

Looking back, I would definitely wanna be more involved in planning our wedding.. afterall, it’s once in a lifetime… ah.. i regret…

Let’s recall the events leading to our wedding –

Last year in march, BH’s sucessful job interview changed our life forever 🙂 His job requires him to be relocated to Seattle, WA. That’s when BH wanted to bring me over with him. Note the word ‘wanted’ – coming together to start our lives here is a ‘want’ which requires alot of planning… we weren’t even planning to get married in the year 2008! and it seem almost impossible for us to plan our wedding in such a short time… BUT we did… coz BH believed we can make it…

Ok… so I was really very bz with work… being in a noble profession and starting out in my career.. there were many many things I had to do… so.. i seriously wasn’t even doing the researching for bridal studio, photographer.. blah blah… so BH did the research, made the apptments, do the liaising and I was only required to be there and decide… Well, I’m very thankful for BH who was bz with his work and also making most of the wedding preparation … ah… the difference between ‘want’ and ‘need’ > ‘want’ – luxury item. ‘need’ – basic requirement…  I feel like a princess.. 🙂

After 6 mths of prep, the day came very quickly.. I even rem tt I had to work a few days before the wedding… man… seriously, I was more engrossed in working than my wedding!! well… really got to thank BH for his patience… he was soooooo bz tt he slept really late tying up the loose end the day before the wedding… whereas for me… i didn’t even feel excited or anxious.. i fell asleep real fast and slept like a log! wahaha..

Very soon.. the day came! 6 September 2008 .. The day we’ll rem for the rest of our lives… prior this day, the weather was real gloomy and rainy…surprisingly, on the exact date, the weather was wonderful!! 🙂

Make-up artist came – put on the make up, parents put on my veil ( which i forgt to put in down as i walk down the aisle in church)
Wedding day pics

Sisters and brothers gearing up for the ‘battle’

Wedding day pics1

and finally… BH ‘collected’ the bride.. everything feels like a dream… it happened really fast…

Wedding day pics2

Then we proceed to Bh’s place for tea ceremony then to St Anne’s Church for the Wedding service…

[Sidetrack] Getting married in church was not ez. In order to hold our wedding in church, we had to book the church abt 6mths in advanced! BUT we had less than 6 mths!! So we checked with the church for dates available then we decided on the wedding date… which is 6eptember! Then BH & I had to ‘book’ a priest… so we went to look for the kind and very humorous Fr Kenny! He was really funny and make us feel really comfy 🙂 Bh and I also attended the ‘Catholic Engaged Encounter’ , a 3 day 2 night camp, which we enjoyed! We had to make the wedding booklet! Fr. Kenny was v patient! He taught us how to make the booklet and gave us many ideas on how to beautify it!! He also reviewed and edited our wedding booklet many times 🙂 Thank You and I thank God for His blessings upon us!

Wedding in church – tt’s when i got nervous! I was on the bridal car outside church.. waiting for 11am.. saw many friends and relatives streaming into the church.. and i gt scared! The thing is… BH and I and the bridesmaids DID NOT have any rehearsals due to time constraints!! everything was on the spot… sooo… i was super scared things will screw up!!!Phew… things went on fine.. just tt i forgt to put down my veil as i walk in… and for the whole 6eptember… i DID NOT take any pics with my parents and sis. sad man.. i still feel upset thinking abt it now 🙁

anyway, walked in… saw Fr Kenny at the back of the church.. he was smiling and he gave me a ‘wink’ > he made me feel good and comforted tt everything will be fine ! so i put my anxieties aside and believed in HIM 🙂

Wedding day pics3

The moment arrived for us t0 exchange rings!! and u know what!!! BH and I didn’t practise this!! we didnt even memorise the vows!! man… i was freaked out…my brain was like ” which finger? which hand?” so.. i anyhow! now i look at the pics… like wrong hand right??? haha

Wedding day pics4

After the church ceremony, my family had the tea ceremony while the rest of the guests enjoyed the delicious buffet. After which, we went to The Regent to prepare for the banquet.
Wedding day pics5

Banquet started late, abt 8pm? Hmm… i seriously didn’t even go to the ballroom b4 the walk-in… My friends and Bh settled everything! I mean EVERYTHING!! I even had the time to take a nap!!! believe it or nt!!! 🙂 Special thanks to Caryn, Fel, YM, Zhihui,  Tania, Christine, my little sis… and BH for coordinating and make sure everything is in place!

[Note-worthy] BH took he longest time ever to pop the champange!!! hahaha… tt’s super funny… everyone at the dinner was like laughing at him man

Wedding day pics6

Speech by friends and my little sis was really touching and memorable 🙂

Wedding day pics7

The day ended late and we had a blast 🙂 Counting angbao $$ wasn’t our job… so we had a good rest and had a room service breakfast ( included by the hotel) in our bridal suite..

Took 1 week leave and our honeymoon to Osaka was wonderful… Bh and I didn’t stay together after marriage… we just went back to our own home… things were just normal… then BH got relocated 1st in Nov .. and I only met him in late Nov after my long term no pay leave was approved…technically, we haven’t stayed together for 1 yr? haha… and BH and I are very much like best friends?? Mayb coz we’ve been dating for 6+yrs??? Don’t feel like we r married… and we still love shopping and travelling! and we love it here… tt’s all…

phew.. so glad i had the time to blog all these down now… ;p now I have more space in my brain for other things… heh…

Happy 6eptember to us! Hope tt everyday will be a 6eptember day!

PS: After 1 yr, looking at the ring on BH’s finger still mk my heart skip a beat! The ring is a everyday evidence tt 6eptember isn’t a dream and it did happen!

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