there’s more than one side to a picture

it’s my first post here…well.. only next week till in join BH in seattle… you think i’m happy? hmm… i do see many envious faces around…but it’s nothing to be envious about…

i can so predict my life in seattle… boring.. lonely… scared… i’ll probably become a full-time maid (even if i were to further my studies).. BH is probably gonna work late… and i’ll be cold and lonely… i can imagine myself feeling sad and miserable without any family warmth… i can feel the sadness and coldness as i am typing this…

Despite talking abt our priorities,BH will never keep to his promise… i can imagine us having arguments about his working schedule… if there’s a reason for our marriage to fail, it’s because of him being unable to balance his work and me..

don’t ask me abt having kids…at this pt, i feel that our r/s is not that stable to have kids… we have too many 3rd parties now.. they are interfering in our lives… having children is definitely be a no-no… i am still disturbed by some pple i saw at dinner..

it’s as though i wanna forget what happened on 6eptember… i wanna sell or give away (if nobody wanna buy) my evening gown… pls feel free to leave a msg if interested

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