First cut is the deepest…

I am so behind time on this overdue post.

Let me just list down the things I need to do for this paper:

1) Post wedding stuff – It has been 2 months now, still got people asking me for the video and the photos

2) Seattle preparation stuff – There was so much going on! The packing, the long flight and the cry babies at airport. Hehe

3) Seattle boring stuff – yea it is boring even the TV bores me

Oh did I mention I drove around! In a Kia Spectre *sigh*

Lots of things going on soon. First day at MS is next Monday. Shopping for a car to replace the Kia and a new place, will upload the photos later. Now I have to clean up the plates and go for a ride around the town.

Will post longer entries later on!

Cheerio! Miss you lots dear, hope you will join me soon

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