Tiny’s Organic CSA box

I always wanted to try CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) – just waiting for a good deal. Finally, a livingsocial deal came up! The best part is it is from Tiny’s Organic ( a farm booth I frequent at the Farmer’s Market) and BH’s office is one of the collection points! there is also an additional 20% discount code which can be applied to the deal! Things can’t get any better!! 😀 We paid $25 for 2 boxes

The most exciting part about the CSA box is you don’t know what you are getting every week. I enjoy receiving a mystery box – gives me a chance to try new healthy food and cook new recipes!

My first box: 2 October 2013


The box contains tomatillo, tomatoes, carrots, fennel, apples, nectarine, prunes. Large box is supposed to feed a family of 3 but it’s just right for us 🙂

I have never worked with tomatillo! I spent ALOT of time looking for recipes to include this ingredient. BH and I are not chips&dip people so I was reluctant to make salsa. However, I gave in and made Fresh Tomatillo Salsa in the end. Sorry, no pics for this one 🙁 I used the salsa for baking salmon and it tasted really good actually!

Next, I have never worked with Fennel too!

After some research, I followed this recipe 🙂 Turns out to be pretty tasty!


As for the tomatoes, I used them for Tomatoes Eggs

My second box: 9 October 2013


This time the box contains apples, nectarines, prunes, huge heirloom tomatoes, kale and 2 acorn squash

haha.. I have not done anything exciting for this box yet but I plan to make the following:
1) Acorn Squash bread
2) Kale pasta salad
3) Tomato eggs ( Gosh.. we are eating tomatoes nearly every day now!)
4) Roasted Heirloom Tomatoes with Fresh Mozzarella

I really enjoy my CSA experience but decided to stop after these 2 boxes because it is quite costly with any vouchers. Hard to say goodbye and I hope another deal comes soon!

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