Happy 5th 6eptember!

You know how the song “Marry Me” by Train goes?

Forever can never be long enough for me to feel like I’ve had long enough with you

I feel like that all the time 🙂 It’s amazing that 5 years of married life went by in a flash.. seriously, a flash. Yes, I do complain about BH some times BUT on most times.. I wondered ” Why didn’t we get married earlier?!” haha.. as selfish as it may seem but I still can’t get enough of our ‘2 people world’ Hope BH feels the same too

To BH (who may or may not read this entry): Thank you for not saying NO to the things I want, regardless of how big, how far, how expensive – If i dare to dream it, I know, you will get it for me, for us ( just a matter of time) Thank you for dreaming the dream with me, hopefully, we will turn dreams to reality some day. Happy anniversary and many more to come!

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