Why we didn’t have a dog … yet?

Well.. It’s not the money.. It’s not the space.. It’s just… The lack of connection.. 🙂

Let me define “connection”
(1)somehow the dog and I just click.
(2)Though its the first time we meet, it felt like we have known each other for a long time.
(3)The feeling of ‘I have been waiting so long for you’

Hahaha yes.. I am looking for a furry lifelong partner!!

Friends or even BH’s co-workers would know that we have been yearning to add a dog to our family. It had been years! BH loves browsing rescue websites and watching breeders’ webcams and he will go…. “Aww.. So cute…” We also try to participate in doggie events so as to educate ourselves on dog ownership. Haha.. Talking to my family about Bambi just mks us want to have a dog even more – sometimes my mum do complain about Bambi but after the complains, she would tell me how smart Bambi is.. It’s hilarious!

Call me fussy.. Choosy.. But when I fall in love.. It would be LONGER than forever. We are taking our time.. Hopefully we will find that puppy soon 😀

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