Re-exploring West Seattle

We have been to West Seattle previously BUT it was always raining… Finally managed to visit this place on a beautiful sunny day. Yes.. it was extremely sunny.. so sunny that my headache started in the morning and lasted till late in the evening :/

Anyway, Seattle’s really pretty.. If I ever need to leave this place, it is going to be so hard to do


We had breakfast at the highly raved Bakery Nouveau. This place is Amanda’s paradise! There’s cakes, tarts, macarons, pastries, bread..every sweet thing that I like! Why didn’t I know about this place earlier?! The downside is it’s very crowded :/Seating is limited. BH and I bought coffee, their famous Twice Baked Almond Croissant & Chocolate Croissant. It was sinfully delicious! I personally thought that $4 for a Croissant is quite expensive. However, the pastries were so tasty that it’s worth every single cent. What do I really like about the pastry? I like it that it’s crispy, buttery and not too sweet! I would fall head over heels in LOVE with it IF it’s served warm. On the other hand, I find the powdered sugar on the croissant disturbing. haha.. it’s just me.. I just find it messy to eat with the powdered sugar, so 1/2 the time, I was trying to scrape off the sugar. Would I go back again? Yes, only if i’m around that area 🙂

West Seattle feels like a small town to me. There’s a all-year round farmer’s market… lots of dogs… and small cafe & restaurants.  There are also vintage shops which sells cool furniture! I was quite shocked that we actually spent a good amount of time walking around and just enjoying this place. It’s been a while since we did this. ahh… lovely weekend!

Drove down to Alki Beach and took these pictures..

WP_20130414_011 WP_20130414_006

ws1Ended the day with dinner with friends. Happy Sunday!

Last but not least… this is Monday’s dinner… looks good? Still not my mum’s standard yet.. :/



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