Living in a painting: Gas Works Park

March 9

Prior to my Gas Works Park painting.. we have NEVER visited this place before!

Beautiful isn’t it? Though it’s pretty sunny.. it’s still chilly

Really regretted not knowing about this place earlier.. as it’s a great place to bring visiting friends.

People walk their dogs here too and there were also a couple of people flying kites! Feels like a Marina Bay

I was hoping to meet a corgi and I did!


Riley the corgi is soooo adorable… But really camera shy 🙁 This is when BH and I felt that we want a dog to enjoy the day with..


Last but not least… let’s do a comparison of the real place and my painting… haha


Seee…. not 3 sausages hugging each other right? hehehe..

A Saturday well spent 🙂

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