Painting-Gas works Park

17 Feb

My friends and I had a girls’ paint day at Palettes and Pairings again 🙂 It’s always fun to do such activities together.

The class started at 12 noon and we only left the place at about 4.30pm! This painting is intense – advanced level I would say!


Of course, while the girls paint.. the guys had their own ‘boring’ activity. haha..

Here’s the final result


My painting is full of flaws.. you just don’t see it on the photos. Anyway, I showed this to my sister and she was like “what is this? 3 sausages hugging each other?” hahahaha…. NOoooooo

This place is real! Shall blog about it in another post 🙂

Here’s a group picture of the class…. now… you can see everybody’s painting is different! 😀


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