Mayday concert Part 3b

We went to MAYDAY CONCERT IN LA 😀 The reason for our LA trip, is this concert!


The concert venue was filled with asians – all kinds. They are mostly college students – very young. haha.. That’s when BH and I felt that we had aged ALOT.

Mayday bought back many nice memories for us. When we were dating, BH would play the guitar and i would sing along.. then we will record our singing sessions. haha.. it was really silly but very fun! I had gone to several Mayday concerts ( mostly with my sis in Singapore and HK) BUT it’s our first Mayday concert together! I still think that going to a concert is a waste of money.. haha.. if it’s not to accompany someone, I don’t think I’ll go – I can just listen to them on youtube right?!

Anyway, the concert usually have a storyline. This time round, they had Jerry Yan to be one of the characters in the short ‘movie’ wow! I like Jerry yan!! It was sooooo fated! hehehe… we had good seats too- front seats at the balcony with nobody obstructing our views!

We enjoyed the concert but felt abit lost .. haha. need my sis to explain their inside jokes. The songs they sang this time round were more emo and slow , not the fast& jumping type. I was feeling sad about an incident that happened to our friend – I guess, the songs kind of catered to my feelings

oh.. they also had a guest appearance – It was Rene Liu! so nice to hear her sing after soooo long


We bought the light sticks for US$8 each. Expensive… BUT the colours of the light sticks are centrally controlled – you will see a sea of blue or red or green at the same time! WOW!! Super cool!

Concert ended without much encore :/ It was still a good feeling to listen to chinese music in a western country 🙂

Our concert tix came with free CD!! Super precious – hard to buy chinese CD here… hahaha.. BH had been listening to it in the car..


To be continued…..

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