Before the day came…

As you guys know, I was going to work for the evil very nice MS and I have to relocate to Seattle for work. It was sort of a weird feeling for me; on one hand I was really excited about starting a new job at a new whole place, on the other hand I was scare. In any case, a lot went on before I flow off. This is like a back-dated post and I will try my best to recall all that occurred.

At Work

[singlepic=98,300,320,,right]EA Singapore was such a fun place to be working in, never once did I dread going to work (maybe once or twice back not a lot of the time) I have made so much friends there and it was kind of sad for me to go. But I think they understand. They made this very nice mat for me and I was quite touched by their gesture. 🙂

At Home

[singlepic=30,300,300][singlepic=31,300,300]I had around 2 weeks of rest at home and prepare for the relocation. MS will provide free relocation which was great. The movers will come by the house and you just have to tell them which items or furnitures are going over.

They were really professional and dismantled the queen size bed frame and all the furnitures. The guys that will move the furnitures to my home at Seattle will assemble the furniture for me again. *thumbs up*

Before I left

The days just before I left, I went back to office to see the guys one last time and settle some admin stuff. I also met YX, WT and YY for dinner and games. Please go over to my wife’s facebook to see the photos, lazy to upload to another place. :p

And we got really lucky and got 2 tickets to Lee Hom concert the night before I fly off! It was from Starhub which Amanda’s family got after signing up for their services. It was quite a surprise cos Amanda always wanted to go watch. Although the seats are like really far, the atmosphere and his singing was really something. I was especially impressed when he started playing the violin, maybe my son will pick that up next time too.


The next morning, I was going to sit on the crappy plane for 14+ hours to Seattle. Special thanks to my in law’s family and my own family for seeing me off. My family actually got this big London cab to send us there, thanks to my sister. WT and YY also made the morning trip to see me off and even got us this digital photo frame. I believe that is from the ZHSS gang? 🙂 thanks guys. I will use that in my new home next time.

So that’s about it! Stay tune for my next post on my arrival and Seattle stuff!!! In the mean time, you all can go over here to see the photos I have taken so far.

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