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On Valentine’s Day, BH and I went for painting class at Palettes and Pairings

It was an amazing experience.. even better than standard fancy dinner followed by movie. Well, BH and I don’t really celebrate Vday BUT we try to create memories – I really don’t believe that everyday is like every normal day.. To me, everyday is special and exciting! 🙂 FYI, I didn’t receive flowers this year.. haha.. I guess the cookies replaced it. (Note to BH: RED roses next year!!!)

My first painting experience was at the same venue. I painted with friends then.  BH and I actually wanted to paint together BUT we thought that it’s silly to have duplicate paintings. When we found out that there is a couples painting class, we signed up for it immediately! The cost was US$50 for both of us ( with drinks, light snacks, painting materials) We were very excited and looking forward to it!

Know what makes painting so  fun and interesting? I feel that thru’ painting, you get to know someone better… haha..and  the BIGGEST challenge comes when you paint together! though BH and I are “old husband, old wife”, there’s still something new we learn about each other through painting. haha.. yes..this is our FIRST painting experience together and it is also our 10th Vday! yay! How romantic! 😀

This instructor (Elizabeth) was really detailed and clear on giving instructions – She makes painting ez!

It’s so funny… BH took only painted 2 strokes on the canvas and exclaimed ” I LOVE IT!”


Erm… after which, he became such a perfectionist.. I mean.. for the rest of the 2.5 hrs.. he hardly or rather DID NOT put down his brush! OMG! hahaha.. we were supposed to paint 1 side each BUT we ended up helping each other. You can imagine-  i would paint and he would itchy hand come and touch up on my side of the painting and vice versa. yup.. so it was like this throughout the class.. hehe


He was extra happy with the painting.. and even thought that his background was the NICEST…


Which couple’s painting is the best? hehe.. u judge! Btw, we were one of the last 2 to leave the place as BH just had to perfect his painting. I am so glad that he enjoyed painting as much as I do… oh yes.. he is a MORE serious painter than me!
So we ended Vday.. happy, satisfied and tired! hahahaha.. what u thinking man!?!

Overall, it’s a great experience! Bh and I agree that we have different painting styles.. and he would come back again to paint – and to paint on his own canvas! hehe… We hope to make this Vday painting an annual event! 🙂

More photos!

10th vday pic


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