Bye 2012, Hi 2013

I feel so reluctant to bid goodbye to 2012

2012 had been an amazing year for me! I mean.. I can’t think of a year which could top this year 🙂 It’s the year that I felt that I can finally start living and stop worrying!

2012 is the year I broke my bond. I can’t say this enough BUT I feel so blessed that God helped us to manage our finance and see that this could be done. It’s quite a sum of $ BUT we did it!! I am so happy! Any regrets? No!!!!!

2012 also marks the year that we probably traveled the MOST. We went to Europe in April, back to SG in August and Disney World in Nov!!! wow!!! Finally got to Europe!!!

2012 treated myself to a Chanel PST and BH got me a pair of Chanel earrings which I always wanted!

2012 took the WA driving test….and passed on the 1st attempt!!! hahahaha… nono… this is clearly not skill.. I still think it’s luck 🙂

2012 tried HOT YOGA! I am someone who is quite hesitant to try new things BUT thanks to Jo, with her persistent persuasion, I joined her and it’s so far so good – though I still can’t touch my toes and can’t seem to get some poses right.. hehe

These are probably the highlights of 2012!!! and probably the BEST in my life so far!!! I am so very happy!!

While i know that it’s highly unlikely that 2013 will be as good as 2012… I am still looking forward…

1) we will probably be moving to another apt/townhouse – depending on what’s on the market

2) Hope to be better at yoga – as I intend to go on a regular basis

3) Rescue/adopt a corgi

4) Volunteer at children’s hospital or something along the line – hope to add meaning to my life

5) Get my own car!!!!


Happy New Year 🙂

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