Christmas 2012

We went to 2 friends’ place for potluck party. I spent alot of time in the kitchen preparing food.. it was fun to spend Christmas with friends….however… with a big group, we had no choice but to play ‘Mafia’ – a game I have a love-hate relationship with. Maybe it was PMS or it’s just me being tired and grumpy – we left the party before X’mas as I was too irritated getting accused of being the Mafia almost every single time. Yes it’s a game but I am such a delicate creature you know.

the first few minutes of Christmas was spent in a lift (as we are returning home), sharing cookies with strangers who happened to be in the lift as us. haha… not too bad.. at least we gave and share on Christmas day!

No pictures of the party as nobody is keen in taking photos and I didn’t bring my camera :/

I think Christmas spent by ourselves is still waaaaaaaaaaaaay better

*hides in my shell*

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